LFO Skin email offer

So on 10/30 I got the GB email saying if I updated my Shift account info I would get the LikeFollowObey skins and corresponding heads (like the Fl4k Anubis head) in my in-game email. I did so and as of today still nothing. Has anyone actually gotten them yet?

I’ve had this happen before where promised rewards simply never showed up in the mail. I never made a big deal before but I’d really like that set.

PS4 here. I did verify my Shift information and did receive the Like Follow and Obey stuff in the Social Mail.

Thanks for chiming in. Did it take long? I’ll put in an actual ticket but it would be nice to get an idea from this thread if it’s a widespread thing or just an isolated glitch.

Yesterday morning I logged into Shift and followed the directions.
About an hour later I logged into BL3 on my PS4 and the items were there.
So it was pretty quick.
Good luck

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2K support living up to their high standard, first I’m told to wait 24 hours, which does nothing, then I get a request from the tech to provide information that’s already in the ticket because it’s required to submit the ticket in the first place. Is their system really that pathetic that it assigns a ticket without any of the information in the ticket?

I envy you bb, you are one of the lucky ones… :grin:

Yeh I’ve tried several times to get this to work.

Going to try once more and then open a ticket.

After waiting 24 hours with no result, 2Ks brilliant tech support told me to… wait 24 more hours. They probably just want to string people along hoping they’ll just give up since they have no clue how to fix it.


Just sayin’

A code would probably be helpful; pity its not working for a number of people
And 24 hours is a bit of a push - i finally found the email at 6pm lastnight, the “heads” were waiting in game when i got back about 6 hours later

Support emailed me today that they’ve gotten enough complaints about this that they kicked it back to the dev team. Maybe they will just go ahead and release a code for it rather than waste time trying to debug the whole process. Would make sense.

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Hello all !

Same issue for me, iam on pc and i have try to update my info on https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/… and https://gearboxsoftware.us1.list-manage.com/
but still no luck, i try to send a ticket but does not let me sign in ( Email address / password combination is incorrect, try again or [get a new password] ) try to get a new password but no luck there either and i have try every day .