LFT have lots of good annoints to trade

Looking for purple Tediore SMGs, Pistols and Shotties. Need homing and/or Mirv affix.

Looking for Big Boom Blaster. Looking for Minesweeper classmod(zero points in Torgue Cross Promotion). Looking for Blasta Masta classmod with Tediore reload speed card bonus.

Also looking for Devil’s Forsums(fire). Bearcat(non-ele), Super Shreddifier(Corrodo), Faisor(fire).

I have tons of Annointed gear mainly for Amaya(Incendiary 20 clip Lyuda w 250% after Phasecast) for example. Also good annoints for Moze and then just good weapons in general.

Message here or add ole Quixote and let’s make a dead

PSN: Darthquixite777