LGBT Battleborn?

Can any dev’s tell us about any possible LGBT characters in Battleborn? (Assuming you’re allowed to!) The diversity of Borderlands was something that really meant a lot to me, and I was wondering if we can expect the same from Battleborn. :relaxed:


Who’s to say whether or not any of the existing characters are or not? I don’t think their sexualities/gender identities were driving matters in their survival in the galaxy.


I’m not expecting them to be. I’m merely asking a question.

I’m also curious.

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most likely reyna: " MEN SUCK!AWOOOOOOGA!!!"

Caldarius could possibly be gay; he remarks that a prison warden in the story is “pretty handsome”


I doubt it. Borderlands 2 was rated M for Sexual Themes being in there. Battleborn is carrying a T. Just language and violence. But I’d imagine its possible that really any of them could be, really wide set of personalities there. Unless you’re looking for them to cater to specific stereotypes to identify as LGBT (which is totally dangerous ground).


Well being LGBT is not an inherently adult theme? I fail to see why that’s relevant.

They don’t need to be stereotypes in order for it to be made known. I asked about the mere existence of LGBT characters at all in any capacity- the more nitty gritty of how they’re handled and portrayed is a bit of a different beast. We’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.


Based off of my knowledge of the borderlands series, I highly doubt that there wouldn’t be an LGBT character


LGBT is inherently a Sexual Theme. As is just any Romantic interest implication nowadays. Like - would it be satisfactory to for a character’s designer to be like “Yup! They’re _____.” Or would it need to be stated in the game’s lore?

Straight romances are shown all the time, across the board regardless of rating.

It’s not inherently a sexual theme for a character to not be straight.

Yes actually it would. Anything in-game of course would be optimal, but even just a headsup from someone involved would be pretty cool.

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Oh that’s good. Yeah, I just don’t imagine any type of relationship beyond like… announced at all. Like, maybe none of them are hetero. Maybe Kleese loving money, and maybe Toby being into Berg might be referenced, but that’s it. Not on a T Rated game anyways. Though Borderlands’ announcement of roles were very subtle context driven announcements, idk if the game’s lore delivery will lend itself to that.

Some of the LLC Battleborn are perhaps robosexual; that does not fit in the “LGBT” acronym but could still count for something, I suppose.

To be fair, none of the Battleborn seem explicitly heterosexual, so I do not know whether sexuality of any kind is really expressed nor important. It was pretty cool for the Borderlands series to speak to a lot of players that way (though whoever wrote Janey Springs and The Pre-Sequel in general way overdid it with ham-handed, shoehorned-in, groan-inducing sexual overtones), but I do not expect that here.

But hey, who knows? Apparently during the story missions the various character chatter and reveal more about themselves so anything could happen.

@hurtsworse, I did suggest/request the exact same on the CTT forums in 11/2015.

With a char number of 25 (and even more to come) there could and should be space enough for at least 1 … somebody so kick-ass LGBT that zero doubt in any camp, yet, with such awesome powers that even the most hmphobic of players could not resist playing as him/her/x.

Now that … would be a game changer.


It might be my cis white male privilege talking, but why would a hero shooter need to inject either straight or LBGT sexuality in to the game? I feel like the need to designate a character as gay would almost be pandering. “See how inclusive BB is because so an so is Lesbian/Gay/Trans!”

We have characters fighting against the end of the universe. Who cares about sexuality in this context? My favorite character is Reyna and for what it’s worth I haven’t once considered her sexuality. Would people who identify as LGBT pick a certain character just because they were the LGBT character? Maybe, but I doubt it. People are mainly going to play as characters that compliment their play styles.


It might be my bi white male privilege talking, but i agree. Partially.
As long as it’s not forced, i won’t mind (Obviously). But i don’t think it’s needed to give a sexual orientation.
If i heard a character joke about his own sexuality, or make a reference to it (Like Moxxi) i’d be like “Oh cool”. But that’s pretty much it. It wouldn’t make me more interested in the character.


Peoples tend to be attracted to a character for what he look or say, at first.
I picked Benedict originally for his look. Not his play style (The CTT wasn’t even on) I literally just saw a Hawk with a Rocket launcher and i thought “Mine”.

So someone might pick a character just because he is Gay/Lesbian, because it’s appealing to them. Or closer to what they are themselves. I’d understand that.


Cis white male nation represent!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Fair points. I have nothing against LGBT characters or anything. I just feel like making an issue of it in this type of game would feel forced.


I really wouldn’t mind seeing a character like Guilty Gear’s Bridget.
Just don’t go overboard with it, nor make the character brag about it and such.


I’m just saying, this thread is a timebomb waiting to go off. But I agree with @DonnyD_, there’s really no need for any kind of implications of sexuality in a game that’s about people trying to stop the universe from ending.