Lgf 100% ASE masher Clairvoyance

As the title says, I have lots of stuff to trade.

My gamertag is Buschkoeter

Have any old god shields? If so what anoinents?

I have two with 20 dmg reduction after phaseslam :confused:

I Guess you’re looking for Elemental ASE?

No. Cool down or health regen

Anything else?

Gammaburst weapons.

Anything specific with gamma burst?

Wotan takedown. Dlc1. And helix’s, dictators. Krakatoa

These are the gamma burst weapons I can offer:
Kyb’s worth with cryo and radiaton
Fire dictator

Stuff that you might also be interested in:
Fire Lob
Fire cutsman

Fire dictator. Deal.

Inv or mail?