License smg whats so good about it?

I have seen videos of it and they say its really good i am using it like they say keep pulling trigger with headshots but it does not do any damage with my fadaway flak build what gives?

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I think this is the one with the strongest SMG in Flipper, which increases the number of shots fired to a maximum of 9 while pulling the trigger.
Proprietary License is honestly not strong enough.

So firing modes are up for debate as more ppl get it witb different parts

Hyperion accuracy. Bodyshots place explosive stickys. Critical hits ricochet shots towards enemies. Literally accurately and fast
Very good damage. Very fast. Speedy reload.

Do you notice constant ricochets then? I think its actually good when non criticalling with explosive stickys…itsa strange weapon.

Now that u mention this as flak im seeing how. Should build a forum on this. This is a good topic

Yep, the crits only produce ricochets so if you’re using fade away that’s all you’ll be getting. Probably not a great weapon for him, but it shreds on Amara and Moze due to the splash damage on the nades

For Flak I recommend the Flipper. That gun is insane

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Will try a flipper i have 7 or 8 just been testing out weapons killersix on youtube is the one who said the license was good i think its because he was using zane he is good with smg.