Licensed custom LEGO kits by Brick Formation

Hiigaran Interceptor, Ion Cannon Frigate, and Destroyer available now from

We hope to have a Baserunner, Kushan Interceptor, Vaygr Interceptor, and Vaygr Destroyer available soon.

We made it to Kotaku!


I am pleased to announce that Brick Formation will be showing off our upcoming Kushan Interceptor, Kushan Heavy Corvette, and Taiidan Scout at by Brickworld Chicago in Schaumburg, IL - June 15 & 16!


This is awesome! So nice to have something other than Star Wars (not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

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That is insanly cool!

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Kushan%20Resource%20Collector%20-%20CS%20Thumb Kushan%20Heavy%20Corvette%20-%20CS%20Thumb Kushan%20Interceptor%20-%20CS%20Thumb


The Vaygr Assault Craft, Taiidan Scout, and Kushan Heavy Corvette are now available from Brick Formation. These are limited edition officially licensed custom sets using LEGO brand bricks. Get yours today. :slight_smile:

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