Licked the surface of new moze

I was so happy I might just escape from spamming grenade every second and Sapper class mod, and the answer was… um kinda?

  1. Redistribution and Runnin Offensive isn’t so reliable as it seemed

Redistribution heals only 2.5% each second, and 5% if you power it up with mods. Runnin Offensive is awesome but horribly weak against being slowed by ice. Maybe it can be fixed via relic? Further building is required, and it seems Vampyr remains a key skill to survivability.

  1. Deathless Build seems to work again

Because the crit triggers constant heal, I think HP1 Build will be effective once again. Again, more studies are needed, but I kicked Valkyries’ ass in TTD.

  1. More should be seen.

I have been sticking to Sapper for WAY long my playing was maybe too aggressive. Explosive weapon centered builds seem stronger. I have literally hundreds of ideas poppimg up now that I can kick Sapper out of my bag. Please do share your build ideas! Any new ideas I will study and try to organize.