Life after level 50 in tvhm?

Ok so i got to my level 50 right before the mission in sawtooth to get the explosives… but every single bad guy is like level 51… i mean i cant scratch a freaking psycho with a 40 maggy… what the heck… i mean the is just TVHM… all my legendary weps are pea shooters now… is there some trick to getting some momentum at after level 50… cause its just seems like every thing just amped up do a have t o yard sale all my nice weapons to just use 50 level whites and greens? just kinda bummed…

In ANY play-through, there are very few weapons that hold up when 5 levels below game, let alone 10. Your options for getting more level appropriate gear in TVHM are:

  • use golden keys/chest
  • farm the vending machines for item of the day
  • farm the red chests for higher rarity gear
  • use whatever drops and gradually trade/sell your way up.

If you have DLCs or head-hunter packs haven’t done them yet in TVHM, you can get some good level 50 gear that way. If Sawtooth cauldron is giving you level 49-51 enemies, then any loot midgets that pop out should drop similar level gear, but you’ll need to clear the area of enemies first.