Life After the Main Quest: Faction Wars and Faction Quests

This idea is a continuation of something I already posted a few months ago.

For people who don’t want to read that old version on reddit, a short summary:

I’m not talking about a PvP mode where character choice is limited to one faction per team. What I’m thinking about is a system that extends the daily quests a little more and maybe gives people some additional incentive to play a few rounds each day.

When I wrote my proposal on reddit half a year ago, it was only a basic idea, but with recent changes to the game, I’ve been reminded of that again and I think the current system now is in a state to turn faction wars into a fun little meta-game without too many adjustments.

#“What are faction wars?”

Right now, the main quest is a limited amount of things to do, you get credits for them and when they are gone, they are gone. What I’d like to see is that those quests don’t stop, but with a slight twist:

When you finish your last main quest, Nova could tell you something like “The faction leaders found you worthy of joining their ranks” and after that you can select if you want to join the Jennerit, Rogues, UPR, Eldrid or LLC. Every player contributes to the score of their respective faction and once a week (maybe each thursday, Battleplan time?) the faction that is in the lead, will be declared current champion and each faction member that contributed to the Faction Wars (no matter if winner or loser) will get a reward based on their contribution (more about that later).

Instead of the main quest, you will get faction quests now (something like 3 small quests each day - something everyone can do, please no “get 200 pentakills with Reyna’s ult by pushing them off a cliff”) and completion of those will let you earn credits and faction points. The quests will be replaced the next day again if you don’t complete them in time.

Playing matches or missions also gives you some faction points now in addition to the normal rewards.

#“What’s in it for me?”

First off, bragging rights: I’d like to see a leaderboard implemented where every player is listed and ranked by how much they contributed to their faction’s score (maybe a list with the contribution in the current week and another list sorted by your contribution to the faction of all time). You can browse the whole leaderboard in your own faction and maybe look at the top 20 (?) of the other factions. Some stats like win/loss ratio, most played character, most played mode (Incursion, Meltdown, Capture, Face Off, Story, Ops) might also be interesting here. Maybe add a toggle in “lobby privacy” for those who don’t want to have their name shown there in public and censor the name out if the player wishes so. I know that we already have command rank and character rank, but faction rank might be another thing to consider and there could be titles added to it (which you can only activate while you are a member of that faction).

Contributing to the faction also has some other benefits:

When the champion faction is chosen on thursday, every player who earned faction points gets a small reward based on how much they contributed (e.g., credits, maybe additionally a loot pack if you completed most of your daily faction quests, etc.) and each member of the champion faction gets a special reward, which could include things like even more credits, a temporary title (only wearable while you are in the champion faction), a free booster, a faction specific finisher and maybe even something like an “essential items pack” which includes one guaranteed max roll version of a “most wanted item” for a character of your faction, with a special (and unique to that item) flair on it. You won’t get a reward if you contributed nothing for the whole week.

As essential items, I’m thinking about stuff like (e.g., for Deande):

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which can be a pain to get.

I would even prefer if there isn’t any RNG involved and it’s something like: First time you are champion with the Jennerit, you get something for Ambra, the second time for Attikus, then Beatrix, Caldarius, Deande, Rath, Ambra, Attikus, etc. and if you have all 18 special items (3 for each character) you will get a Magnus Pack instead.

#“Ok, quests, points and loot. That’s all?”

Basically yes. There could be other things done with the system, like:

  • There could be challenges from players to the other factions, e.g., you’ve played a match in Meltdown and killed 100 minions and felt proud about it - at the final scoreboard you could click that score in that category and post it as a challenge. If someone of another faction beats your score in minion kills now, they get an indicator for that on their scoreboard, can submit their result and earn faction points with it. If no one beats your score for a day then you get the reward. Same with playing a mission in a good time or with a high score, …
  • Special modifiers (gravity rumble, etc.) with increased faction point rewards could be added as faction war queue on a random day during the week.
  • You could get optional menu and general UI skins/colorschemes depending on your faction.
  • A match browser where you could build a team out of people in your own faction and challenge premades from other factions could be fun too, but I don’t think the playercount is there yet.

#“I just switch to the winning faction each Wednesday evening to get the loot!”

No you don’t. By joining a faction, you pledge allegiance with them until the champion is decided. You can swith to another faction, but the change only becomes active when the current round is over and the next one starts.

#“I still will join the winning faction, because they will get stronger and win again next week that way :p”

I think it would be best if the system is a little bit unfair here. When the champion is decided, the winning faction should get their score reset to zero, whereas the other factions keep a small percentage of their last score to give them some head-start into the new week.


I like the daily quests and the main quests as an incentive for playing the game, but I think it could be further improved. The proposed faction wars would be a - at least in my opinion - fun way to do it.

Any opinions? Ideas to make it better? Should I just forget it and move on?