Life improvement

4v4 match making competitive play. Wager loot and currency like money or eridum. Run Tournaments with exclusive new skins ,heads , and loot. I would even go out of my way to pay for a mode like this 15$ to have a 4v4 feature like crucible from destiny would be well worth it and bring a lot my fan base back to this game. Seems to only Cater to one type of player. The Malawian take down was very refreshing challenge that brought more of my friends back on bl3. We need competitive play to keep this already great game great. Adding a 4v4 team competitive wager biased multiplayer would bring way more players. Also adding more heads and skins could help I would also pay for more characters. Bringing back Playable characters from previous borderlands would be a great way to raise more profits. Even new vault hunters would be great way to get some more profit to this game. A 4v4 addition would really get a bigger community like destiny to this game. The story and dlc is great but we need more. Tell me you wouldn’t talk smack to a team while putting you’re favorite loot on the line. Also new ways of play would be a great way to see more charter builds via skill trees. I’d pay 15 dollars to o play the assassin one more time or berserker. Keep the great story and original fans but also build a new fan base so we may all come together.

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