Life is good at lvl 38

Im playing Axton (obviously), I’m working my way through Tiny Tina’s Campaign on TVHM and sort of going back and chipping away at the vanilla story simultaneously. I have species into onslaught and longbow, now I’m working my way down to quick charge and will probably finish the survival tree then go for double up before I move on to UVHM.

I’m rocking a DPUH and a Kerblaster that I grabbed two levels ago, plus a ravager that’s about 4 lvls old. I’m using a torgue loyalty relic and my shield and grenade are passable.

I do have a few questions though:

  1. should I even bother trying to kill terra on normal at this lvl? It’s been ages since I played and I can’t even remember if it’s feasible. I do want a legendary COM though…

  2. last ditch effort vs pressure: which is better?

  3. same question for onslaught vs battlefront ^

He is level 50 with 99% damage reduction to your lvl 38 attacks. So no. And you don’t want the SoT com anyway. Personally I’d wait until level 50, but just farm the Snowman chest for a legendary Soldier. It’s way better to say the least.

Pressure with literally no contest.

They are both really good, and you should (IMO) have both at lvl 72, but if you have to choose between the 2 of them now I’d… Never mind someone else can chip in on this one.

  1. It’s possible, just time consuming. I’ve seen it done.

  2. Pressure

  3. Depends on which tree you’re going to go down for a cap stone.

Personally i’d pick onslaught, probably. I think someone else should still answer this one, i’m Gaige expert, not Axton :confused:

Oh I thought terra dropped the Legendary Soldier Com. Either way, can’t do it at my lvl anyway. I’ve never heard of the snowman chest though, that’s from a headhunter DLC right? Those came out after I stopped playing, though I have them all now with the handsome collection. What’s involved in it?

Yeah its from the 3rd headhunter pack. Every time you kill the final boss of the DLC a train pulls up and provides you with 2 massive chest that contain like 25 items each, making it the best place to farm anything where a chest is the highest likelihood of obtaining that item.

Because otherwise you have to farm Vermi in NVHM or TVHM.

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Onslaught is a kill skill; Battlefront provides it’s benefits every time your turret(s) is/are out. If you want to try bosses/raid bosses that may not have minions around to kill take Battlefront (arguably both but if only one, Battlefront…)

On the snowman chest: once I finish TVHM, the DLC will scale to my current level yes? I guess it doesn’t really matter too much does it? If it doesn’t I could always just do it in UVHM, it only takes like 30 mins.