Life steal buffs?

It use to be like 3% for melee and 5% for skills when did they “buff” it. And the reason I say “buff” Is as a Rath Veteran I do see any difference. I use Vow of Vengeance and To the Point but my attack damage buffs seem to actually drop the % of hp I am getting :stuck_out_tongue: Life steal is based of damage I do 100 damage I get 10 hp but then factor in vow and to the point say im doing 120 now im getting 8 hp… what the heck?

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Rath’s life steal has been at 8% on melee and 10% on skills since release, unless I’m mistaken.

Increasing damage shouldn’t be lowering life steal, but I’ll test it tomorrow just to be safe. For now I need sleep.


That’s interesting to read about the life steal. I haven’t notice the difference when my attack damage increases. I run a blue attack gear on my loadout too. I’m looking forward to the tests!

Ever since the last update when Montana and TDR went up iv been noticing it. I also don’t quite understand why Deande gets more life steal then Rath when she has escape tactics AND ranged resorce. Pluse she gets increased damage and life steal earlier in a match then Rath. Ya she has a little less hp but it dosen’t seem to make much difference when you can fill your hp up twice as fast as an opponent. I would ether re organize some helixes or buff his base life steal to keep him as a compeditive assassin maybe even make his off hand blade spin have like 20% life steal to work it in to a combo.

Just quick off topic why is Raths push back Melee so damn slow compared to everyone elses?

Ok, I haven’t had the time to test out if his life steal is bugged but I do have something to say about Rath v Deande in terms of life steal. The amounts of life steal is actually quite fair between them. Reason being that Rath has an easier time hitting multiple enemies at once where as Deande is lucky if she hits the person she intends to hit (her melee hit box is unforgiving as all hell). With Rath I can hit an entire wave of minions with his secondary.

And Deande is a single target assassin while Rath is a CC support with assassin potential. The life steal they have fits their roles accordingly. Rath’s life steal is kinda meh until you get to level 5 but I don’t see that as much of a problem. Melee characters usually don’t shine until mid-late game.

Rath isn’t much of an assassin, in competitive play he’s best used for initiation and peeling. The for the assassins it’s better to have Phoebe or Deande since they focus on single target elimination much better.

If I remember correctly Deande has 50 more points of HP than Rath.