Life Steal- Does it count as healing received?


As I’m starting off as rath until I get my mains, does his skill/melee attacks get buffed by healing received gear? I got an amazing legendary that will remove CC effects after receiving healing and I’m hoping it counts as his own

(schwedendeath666) #2

in beta the logs at the end of the game showed it as healing done.

(Bredson) #3

healing received only counts as healing caused onto you by another battleborn. so that gear is useless when on your own

(Brekebrekek) #4

Rath is one of my favorite characters and if this was applied to his self healing, that would be some OP stuff going on there :smiley:

I was already running yesterday with +sprint and +total speed items and no one was able to catch me…

(Murdoc55378008) #5

I thought healing received applied to any source of health coming in such as life steal, health regeneration or health from another source.

(AKA Mr. Solus) #6

Hey GB I know its early but can we get some clarification on this?

(The Amazing (I actually don't like kleese)) #7

Life steal does not work with healing received. I believe healing received works with any skill and/or ability that explicitly states it “heals” not “life steals”.

(Ravithor) #8

I mainly play Rath and Ambra and based on what I have played in the full game and in the beta Healing recived effects healls done to you by any sorcre that is not a passive or life steal. It seens to effect Ambra when using Sunspots though making really got for her. As for rath only a heal power seems to work and with a seemingly diminished effect with life steal. Your better of stacking speed damange and Hp regen. I use the helix mutation that takes away Rath’s skills life steal but gives him like 30% life steal and its based on melee damage so the more you attack and the stronger they are the more you heal and the faster crap dies.

(AKA Mr. Solus) #9

I mainly play rath as well and I can verify this.

(Douzkaya) #10

Please do not mislead, Healing Received works for lifesteal - this is why you have an epic necklace with healing received and an explanation on the bottom “Rath Explaining sustainment to Ghalt”

(Masasakia) #11

i was wondering, does heal power also affect his lifesteal?

(Douzkaya) #12

Unfortunately no. Healing power is from usual heals and for healers. For lifesteal you want a combination of healing received + attack dmg and speed and mbe health regen per sec

(Puunchbag193) #13

I just tried this and well heal power or healing recivied the bounses are so small i couldnt tell you which one it is. You best of going for more damage.

(d4rrkm4tterr) #14

Interesting thread! :slight_smile:

(Kreneks01) #15

I don’t think that counts. Can somebody test.

(Ambra's Arbiter) #16

Gearbox has stated on reddit that life steal is not affected by gear, except damage increase.