Life steal guns

i would love to see some more moxxi weapons in the game
bl2 had quit a lot, right?
that would be a possibility for moze to get more sustain
i was trying the slow hand with her but its not really strong atm (hint for a buff? :wink: )
i have always loved life steal weapons and i hope there will be some more appearing in the future :smiley:
especially with splash damage :3

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Can pair those with life steal annointeds and for a short while gain lots of health. I never tried this yet though if fast fire rate make it too good

There are a lot of lifesteal anoited weapons. Is there anything you are looking for?

well, anointments are a bit hard to use with moze xD

Nah, just have to build right. I can keep Moze’s anointments up pretty much all the time. I don’t build into cooldowns either. Also, get an Otto Idol artifact. :ok_hand:

yea, you can do it with enter->exit, which i am actually doing
but i like stuff to be more “reliable” like always up :smiley:

I think that they don’t want to balance the game that way, it’s like going back to BL2 where you needed the grog to survive.
They need to improve Moze survival through Skills, not by items. Let’s wait for the Mayhem 2.0 patch and see what they have been working on for improving the VHs.

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well it would probably be easier than changing her skills xD
i am currently using a BBB to survive xD

Many of Moxxi’s weapons from previous games are in this game:

  • Creamer
  • Crit
  • Hail
  • Heart Breaker
  • Slow Hand
  • Vibra-Pulse

I doubt they will bring back the Grog Nozzle, at least in a form comparable to its BL2 version.

Maybe these will come back in later DLC (or events):

  • Bad Touch/Good Touch
  • Chere-amie
  • Kiss of Death
  • Kitten
  • Probe
  • Rubi
  • Slammer

1 HP moze has like 3 ways to heal herself
Using a BBB shield effectively reduces your shield capacity by about 50% but you can nearly always heal yourself

Using the transformer forces you to switch to a shock weapon all the time and shoot at your feet

Using vampyr pretty much became useless because Tesla grenades are not procing the skill

She has 1 single skill that gives her sustain and this skill pretty much became completely useless

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the more life steal in the game the more crutch it becomes in eventual high level endgame which destroies game in a long run.

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Well, the game is also 1 hitting a lot of builds and i think it’s still a RPG and not just a fps xD
Sustain is somewhat necessary for non stealth characters and others like amara just have it in the build
Moze kinda doesn’t

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moze needs redesign but knowing gearbox they will just give her a com with life steal and call it a day


Just like the gave her a co-op with IB com and I am still sad xD

The Hail is the best Moxxi weapon in the game IMO, from a Fl4k main’s perspective anyhow. The Creamer can be very deadly at the right distance, but a little gimmicky. I would love to see some more Moxxi weapons make a more grand return as they were my favorite in BL2. A return of the Kitten could be great as either a Vladof or Jakob’s.

the kitten with a “boom” prefix °O°

There is a ASE life steal anointment so if this does become a thing it won’t be limited to specific guns.

Yep. This is the easiet and most practical for GB. Zane’s from DLC is a perfect example that works for GB.

Edit: We know it’s a shortcut, easy mode but it’s out there and GB has no plans of nerfing it.

I’m ambivalent about life steal. It’s basically “Grog Nozzle 2.0,” and I wasn’t a fan of that playstyle in BL2.

However, if they’re not going to adjust Salvation/Refreshment (Zane) or Sustainment (Amara), they should consider giving FL4K and Moze similar skills and balance enemy difficulty around players having life steal like they did in BL2.

Moze already has strong healing (Vampyr), but many players don’t like having to use grenades because (a) they’re a limited resource unless (b) you also use Means of Destruction to regenerate grenades. Plus having to spec into Vampyr and Means of Destruction limits build diversity.

Similarly for FL4K, they can use Rakk Attack! and Falconer’s Feast for strong healing, but that limits build diversity as well.

grog was probably a bit over the top
but there were other guns like ruby and kitten and when you give guns with a bit of lifesteal, a bit less damage than other guns, it can still be balanced like lets say, amara has a decent life steal in her skilltree and moze doesnt but moze has a lot of damage in her skilltree
so moze sacrifices some damage from the gun and chooses a gun with lifesteal to compensate for her nonexistent sustain and amara can use the strongest guns that dont have lifesteal
right now, the slowhand would be my go to weapon but its just noooot working like that xD
the gun is too weak or the lifesteal is too low or my build has too less base HP (its deathless)
its just not working to sustain the insane damage that you get in your face in mh4

how exactly is the lifesteal claculation working with a 1hp build?
when i equip gear that gives me +hp, it will theoretically increase my base hp and i will get more shield steal (from bloodletter) when using life steal weapons?
but that would only work with % heal
but weapons heal on damage and not on % HP