Lifesteal and Shields

Would appreciate some clarification as I’ve seen mixed messages from my searches. I’d like to know how literally life-steal is implemented.

Can you lifesteal from damage done to shields?

Can you restore your shield with lifesteal?

Taken literally, lifesteal would only be in effect when your opponent’s shield is down and you have less than max health but that seems quite limited so I’m assuming one or both of my questions can be answered with Yes.

No to both your questions. Life steal only affects health.


You got it right. This is exactly how it works.


Not what I was expecting but thanks!
I had seen mention of removing shields granting access to lifesteal but I questioned it because no one mentioned lifesteal as a potential benefit of shield penetration.

So it seems like lifesteal is of marginal use to characters with large shields and much better for Eldrid who are far more likely to be hurt at any given time.

Follow-up question - does shield penetration definitely allow you to lifesteal early/through shields?

The answer is no but shield steal exists as separate mechanic.

I know that some characters like Shayne & Aurox have shield steal helices which work in the same way to life steal. So that means an opponent would need to have at least a portion of their shield remaining and that your shield would need to be at least partially depleted in order for it to work.

I believe it does. The life steal however, would be a reduced amount due to its figures being percentage based along with the shield pen. Therefore, you’re only effectively getting a percentage of life steal through a reduced percentage of the damage you deal through the shield pen, if you get what I mean.

IMO, running shield pen for the sole purpose of life steal is not worth it because you would only be getting a minuscule amount of health back that wouldn’t really benefit you.

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Yes but I don’t recommend shield pen at all and especially not for lifesteal. If you are doing 100 damage per hit for example and say you have 20% shield pen and 10% lifesteal. You would do 80 damage to shields and 20 damage to health and heal for 2hp (or 10% of the 20 damage to health). Because you are doing less damage to shields it takes longer to drop them to get more damage to health. Also you cannot land a critical hit on someone who has shields up. Lifesteal is great on characters that have a shield because you are only healing yourself for a small fraction of outgoing damage and your shield gives you a buffer that allows you to recover health while taking damage to shields.

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