Lifesteal anointment

First… I absolutely love my Megavore build. The Craps Jakob’s pistol, coupled with pistol, weapon, splash dmg St4kbot mod is incredibly fun and damage quite insane. All of my weapons are currently Rakk Attack or ASE anointed at the moment. A friend of mine suggested the Lifesteal anointment on weapons such as the Recursion for The Takedown but I’m not quite sure how this anointment works. Has anyone used this with success and if so, kindly share it’s mechanics and viability. Thanks

I can’t speak to how it is to use with Fl4k, but if you want an idea of how Borderlands 3 lifesteal is handled and how you can boost it then look here:

The general lifesteal anoint was 1 of the main items I tested for that research.

Appreciate the mechanical explanation. Would love some feedback on those applying this anointment on their weapons in actual gameplay. Thanks

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The lifesteal anointment is excellent on Fl4k‘s Rakk build. Rakk Fl4k favorite weapon anointments 1 and 1a for me would be the lifesteal anoint at 1 and the ”on ASE” 100% weapon damage at 1a. The lifesteal anointment, if you can get it on a Brainstormer or Maggie, makes some of the hardest content in the game pretty trivial. Cast Rakks, do tons of damage and not have to dodge or hide too carefully. You can tank a lot if you can also deal damage simultaneously, and Fl4k puts out a ton of burst damage. There are other great anointments too (like splash damage, 100% weapon damage after Rakk, etc.), but the two I listed above are always the ones I look for on Rakk Fl4k. Just my personal opinions though.

When the Takedown was “the Takedown” and always scaled to 4 players (which really was better than the scaled-down business they are doing now, but that is OT), the 15% lifesteal anointment on a main DPS weapon (Brainstormer, Maggie, Cutsman, Bekah, Stagecoach, etc.) made the Takedown SOOOOO much easier with a Rakk build. Survival is that build’s main issue, so having an “on ASE” life steal anointment just synergizes with the build so well.

TL; DR - Yes, the lifesteal anointment is fantastic and one of the best in the game for Rakk Fl4k.


That’s great… I was thinking Brainstormer, Recursion with the Lifesteal anointment( don’t they come with 30% LS as well? ) the Maggie and Bekah. Couple this with a good survivability relic and it could be a lot of fun. I ran through Takedown twice and both times made to Wotan on M4 just using my Megavore build. Went down quite a lot but was able to revive on second wind for the most part. I have yet to successfully tackle Wotan solo… hence this thread :blush:

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I thought you could only get 15% lifesteal on ASE, but maybe I am remembering incorrecrly.

A Recursion with a lifesteal anointment would be fantastic for the Wotan fight. As would a shock and corrosive Custman. I have a Maggie with that anointment but that is the only one of those I have been able to find.

I have actually done the Takedown before (pre-scaling) with only the Brainstormer, no other weapon at all. It was not ideal but it worked. If you had one of those with a lifesteal anoint it would be really cool for the Takedown and the Slaughter Shaft.

EDIT: Good luck tackling Wotan!

30% is lifesteal on attack command unfortunately.

So perhaps the LS on Rakk Attack would be good for a more boss oriented fight. Given erratic flight patterns of RAKK’s not sure how viable it would be in mobs versus the ASE anointment.

If there is a “life steal after Rakks,” I am not aware of it. I think the only life steal anointment is “on ASE.” I think that is what your post was questioning anyway.

I think @Budgeko means the augment that heals 7% of health per hit. It’s great but I wish I knew the math behind it and rakk Pak because I feel like it is closer to 3.5% per extra rakk, still free healing and I like free

Ah I see what may have been meant. I always spec the Rakk healing augment and Rakkcelerate on all my Rakk builds. Both of those are crucial IMO.

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I like to play around with combinations, before I tried rakk Pak on my rakk healing build I was healing and raccelerate but the extra rakks are healing huge chunks in addition to the heal on cast terror anointment, I just need to figure out exactly how much.