Lifesteal beam is too short range on startup

I’m really enjoying post-nerf Ambra on all counts except one.

Starting up the lifesteal beam requires you to be much too close to your enemy. After the nerf, it’s on shorter range, with less damage and overall less life steal, but I’m ok with that side of things. I seem to be able to maintain the beam for 3-4 times further distance than the initiation, and it just feels horribly clunky and makes her feel less fun.

Knockback in PvE is plentiful and drastic, so having to run into an enemy’s knockback range just so you can initiate the beam normally results in you being flung outside the maximum beam range. I’m fine with it staying the damage and max range that it is at the moment, but its initial casting range needs to be the the same as or closer to the maximum range.

If for some reason it makes her OP, adjust her in other ways. To me, the playstyle of a character is the most important thing, and having an awkward mechanic like this just detracts from the fun of her kit.

Increasing the initial casting range of her beam means you still need to be close to your enemies, but you don’t have to bury your face in their armpits just to tick a few points of heal up before you get attacked. The beam should be there to leech enemies while you try and strafe/kite them, or leech enemies that your allies are engaging, to keep yourself topped up.

Just my opinions, but comment if you have an alternate/better solution, or if you’ve got justification on why it shouldn’t change


Her engagement range didn’t make her OP, especially not after 1) the previous range nerf from the beta, & 2) the massive damage nerf; this was a weird, unnecessary change that nobody was asking for, like removing slow from her ult. They need to leave well enough alone w/ Ambra, she’s practically an endangered species at this point, who went from one of my favorites to a constant target of the massive influx of Alanis (who also fills her role far better atm).

Very disappointing. I hear ppl begging friends & other players to pick Ambra all the time now just so they can get Alani’s lore, b/c everyone uses Alani & almost nobody uses Ambra. Thing is, I don’t just wanna see Alani brought down to more reasonable levels (her damage output & CC are on the absurd side), but I also wanna see some strength returned to Ambra in some way. I hope they don’t think that buffing her would be admitting a mistake, b/c it wouldn’t - this is balance, finding an equilibrium, it’s give & take.


It’s a thought I’ve seen before - that Alani takes Ambra’s role as the combined DD/healer (“support” my butt) because she heals faster, isn’t range-limited in any way, can self-heal without restrictions and has massive AoE on all her skills. Ambra’s only upswing here is the lifesteal and DoT on HER skills.

Can’t we simply ask them both to be tuned to the point where heal-specced Alani and heal-specced Ambra 1v1 matchup isn’t always an Alani victory if her player isn’t brain-dead?

That’s ideally what I want to see. All supports should still fit in their own niche, but each one should be just as effective as the others overall. Obviously each character has to have different strengths, but the sum of their effectiveness on a team needs to be the same

GBX need to tone down their nerf hammers, and take smaller steps with some longer spacing in between.


I’ve been focusing on Ambra recently too and she is a lot of fun. I haven’t even touched Alani because she’s taken 9 times out of 10 and I figured she was going to get a balance pass.

Anyway Ambra strikes me as a melee caster / support. I typically run the Sunspot to Debuff/Heal instead of burst so my rotation is to Sunspot > Heatwave > Staff Melee > Staff Drain while strafing back outside of melee range.

So my primary damage isn’t coming from Staff Drain. It’s more situational now to use for sneaky damage on unaware targets, to finish of runners, to take down Thralls, etc. I play Ambra in the thick of things constantly moving.

Agree. That’s how I feel about her. Engagement range needs to be a bit further, especially since they nerfed the leeching power of the beam as well. It should be one or the other with her beam- if the range is going to be so short, then increase its power, or if the power is going to be so weak, then increase its range. The nerf affected both range and power which I feel was too heavy handed.