Light Corvettes

Use them people. HW1 races have fine corvettes.

What a load of bovine refuse…

They don’t have “fine” corvettes.

Light corvettes are just less gimped by stupid AI than other corvettes, so they’re in the category of very underpowered as opposed to utterly useless.

Missile Corvettes or Gunships are examples of a “fine” corvettes as they can bring all their weaponry to bear and cost efficient at killing strike craft.

1v1 me and we’ll see if they’re “very underpowered”.

Won’t even be a challenge…

(Post game) Turns out I was correct.

So confident!

Game is up. Lobby is called “Light Corvettes”. Pass is “fish”. (Without quotes)

Could not find your game at all.

What server are you on? It’s all region locked based on steam download server.

My download server is set to Denver, Colorado.