Light he fuse ... I don't like it

Am I wrong for this?? It doesn’t work on badass enemies, anything with armor. I find myself dying more because of this skill

The problem with Light the Fuse is it doesn’t scale very well, so anything after NVHM because pretty hard to kill unless you have Strip the Flesh specced. I ignore it because it performs so poorly.


Well it does always proc blood bath. On the op levels it sucks but normal 72 its useable


Nobody likes it. Excellent premise, but terrible delivery.


It does have a minor tactical advantage in being able to draw enemies away and running towards a revive.

But past that, by UVHM it becomes rather useless.

I’ll tell you what though, in early game it was heaven sent.

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In NVHM and UVHM (weird order I know) is when it works best. IIRC it gets a special multiplier in UVHM ( “Damage of Krieg’s skill Light the Fuse increased by 500%)”.

It’s also pretty nice in coop since you get the extra movement speed in FFYL. Makes healing you way easier.

It works great at UVHM (below op levels) against bandits, it doesn’t work against badasses or super/ulti but it does enable you to run after the small and quick ones such as rats and the final explosion has enough damage to kill nomad/brute levels of enemies (granted they’re damaged first). With some practice you can figure out how early you can hold X to detonate and still achieve a kill or two.

… against robots though, you better have anything slagged.

ps.: If I recall correctly since the bonus movement speed time is tied to the remaining FFYL time you can get this bonus up for a quite long time from after being downed and revived at the beginning of Tiny Tina’s campaign.

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I spec into it, but I haven’t gone beyond OP1 with Krieg and normally play at 72 with him. I use it mainly because it’s something different (and it doesn’t feel “right” that Krieg takes a knee…if he’s gonna die, he’s gonna die on his feet blowing himself up!), and it’s usually not a problem… but yeah, if all that’s around are UBA’s when I enter it, I’m screwed. :slight_smile:


The funny part of that is I’ve ignored so many Kreigs in FFYL because I see them running around I don’t res them, not out of spite I just forget you can run around in ffyl so I think they are alive. Also with maya harder to res when you are not still

Saw a dude run off a cliff face in FFYL once. He wasn’t dead enough for his liking. He needed to be deader.


Play your cards right and it’s incredible in UVHM. Pushing the shooting button the exact moment Krieg puts his hand into the bundle lets him throw another dynamite immediately, dramatically increasing his throwing rate.
Of course you want Strip the Flesh since he gets the additional FFYL bonus when using Light the Fuse. Get an Explosive relic and you can get around 50% more Explosive damage rather easily. Things become even more entertaining with a good Crunch Mod pushing the Explosive damage boost to around 100% without a relic so you can use it for something else, if you want.
Use the final detonation near the weakest enemy with Bloodsplosion and you can do some really nasty things since it’s damage is really high in UVHM thanks to the surprisingly high damage boost LtF receives there.
I like to have a long delay slag bouncing betty on Krieg since it allows me to throw one or two before entering Release the Beast or dying so enemies are plenty slagged while it happens (not that it’s necessary for RtB but it does make Bloodsplosion that much crazier). Using a Crunch mod isn’t really necessary if you prefer to melee as I still could down enemies quite easily without it using LtF.

But once you get into OP it’s really not a good idea of course. Against the tougher bosses it still might not be a good idea but they always have some weaker minions around anyway, which can lead to some fun Bloodsplosions.
And it’s pathetically weak in TVHM only since it doesn’t get any boost there. You can see an absurd difference in damage if you go from UVHM to TVHM.

The German in me cries whenever she sees Krieg spelled as Kreig


Speak for yourself - I love it. Slag an enemy and they have zero chance to survive LtF. There are trash mobs everywhere for easy SWs, and with LtF they won’t be able to run away from you either. You also immediately get Blood Bath by getting your SW.

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LTF is really good in Normal Mode when you first get it, but eventually it becomes weak because the damage it does is absolute rather than relative, meaning that enemies get tougher, your guns get stronger and dynamites do the same damage.

If only Light the Fuse scaled in OP8/UVHM, it would have been soooo great :

  • Boosted by Strip the Flesh (by 30% and over 66% with 11/5) ;
  • Boosted by Fuel the Blood ;
  • Triggers Blood Bath if you get a Second Wind ;
  • The final explosion can save you multiple times.



It does work in op 0 UVHM
Tho not as much as Id like it to be

I really wish itd be scaled for the op levels tho
Like Gearbox why
Such a cool skill
And I just cant pick it due to it being unusable in op8

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Aren’t Kill-skills disabled during FFYL?

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Definitely doable in 72/OP0, unless the only baddie around happens to be an Ultimate Badass Loader, then you’re kinda screwed…

Im pretty sure killskills are not disabled during FFYL

I have noticed often that Blood Bath is active while im in FFYL

Or a constructor

Or any other splash resistant enemy

Ugh I hate them with a passion

I know on maya they are not active, I’ve tested it.

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