Lightning turret in Overgrowth lane. It's very powerful

One of the most debatable subjects regarding the balance in map Overgrowth is how weak the Lightning Turret in the middle of the lane is.

What if I tell you, although it has low health and can easily be destroyed by anyone, it is still one of the most powerful structures in that map?

Let me tell you why.

There are 2 reasons.
-Structure Experience
-Ownership of structure.

1) Structure Experience

As well all know, Lightning turret, including the one in your base as well, gives the exp when purchased.

When you kill a structure, you gain 19-20 exp.
When you buy a structure, you gain about 40 + 40currentStructureLevel exp (So upgrading to level 2 gives 40 + 401 = 80 exp)
When you buy a Lightning turret, you gain 57 + 57*currentStructureLevel exp.

Did you know that if you give a person all the shard over at the Shard Base side and a few more in the sentry #1 area, that person will be able to reach 700 shards and purchase both T1 And T2 of the Lightning structure to immediately get to level 2? This is one of the most useful trick you can use in Overgrowth to rush a level and gain advantages early game with the extra status and helix on one of your team members.

2) Ownership.

This is the biggest reason I am against all the asks for a health buff. This is something most people don’t know about even with a lot of PvP games played unless they pay attention. So what is ownership?

Whoever last bought or upgrade the structure will receive full credit for the damage done by the structure on enemy minions and players.

Don’t you sometime feel weird when you die, respawn and suddenly be rewarded with a kill or an assist although you didn’t do anything? THat’s because the lightning turret you last bought/upgraded did some damage for you. Because you own the lightning turret, you are rewarded for the damage its doing.

The same is even better when you decide to force a fight to the side and have the lightning turret kill minions. You will suddenly start seeing a bunch of “24 EXP, minion kill”. You are being rewarded full experience from the lightning turret damaging the minions. If you wonder why some game, a person is already level 5 while everyone else is 3 although you all stick together all the time, it’s because he has been receiving additional experience source from the lightning turret.

I hope with this information, people will pay more attention toward the lightning turret structure. If you’re up against a team that isn’t a bunch of snipers that can melt your lightning turret as soon as possible, try and get the 400 shard or 500 shard upgrade. You will be rewarded so much from simply controlling the middle lane because you also gains extra experience along with the shard control as long as the turret is alive. This is extremely important for characters with weak early. Since I like playing hardcarries like Husbirdo Benedict who becomes ridiculous after 4, I’ve been making sure I do the 400 or 500 shard upgrades around level 2 or 3 just to benefit the most from Shard-to-Exp efficiency and been profitting from it every game.


Good info thanks

The lightning turret is the only turret that does decent damage, and this is literally the only map that has it. I think this turret is fine (though should still get a turn speed increase in my opinion) it’s that every other turret in the game is pretty much worthless. Considering how scarce shards are in capture mode shouldn’t buying a turret as opposed to unlocking a player gear be a valid choice? At least thumpers provide a slow effect, stingers are universally worthless.

I think the turret is perfect how it is, super easy to get rid of and helps your team out with map control. I like the struggle of fighting over the turret for the first part of the game, but it’s also not too strong so it doesn’t break the game so I like it how it is.

Also good info thanks for that.

Stingers basically add another gun to the fight which is something. Not a big something, but something none the less.

Adding more to this.
It is possible to rush to level 4 or even 5 within 3 minutes assuming your opponents love to break your lightning turret with a certain shard collecting pathing and some opponent pace reading.

Now I feel like the lightning turret exp needs to be nerfed because of that trick. My last Phoebe game, I was level 4 while everyone was level 2 without getting kills. I can easily abuse this with char like Rath and rekt real hard.

haha, at the start of the match, when I’m playing Kleese, we’ll dump shards into the turret from three teammates, upgrade it all the way, and I’ll start throwing rifts around it so it stays up. It pretty much guarantees we’ll dominate lane and all I have to do is focus on keeping the rifts around.

But I’ve been trying to explain this to people all over the place here, buying the turret in the first place (even if it’s destroyed) is worth the shards! Nice write up.

Don’t stingers have a higher range than lightning or thumpers?