Lightspeed Vs CMT

I got a couple of the raid grenades and have been playing around them in Mahyem 10. I have to say they’re pretty effective on a Mind Sweeper build.

I can’t say much for CMT because the only I have is level 53 sadly.

How do you guys feel about the new grenade? If you throw it at an enemies feet it does crazy damage. It seems really good for focused damage.

I’ve got a Cryo one. It’s pretty good. Does decent damage. Still not better than a Recrringn Hex or CMT.

I haven’t really got good results with the hex. I need to get a hex at 57. I’m actually able to kill bosses just tossing the Lightspeed.

I have a Corrosive & Fire non anoint. It could be the +150% Rad adding on. I was contemplating using it with green monster since the damage is pretty high stacking an additional 100% Splash & 100% corrosive damage with the rad damage would be nice.

However the way it basically like throwing a shotgun that can crit at random works really well with Mindsweeper.


It’s definitely strong, my guess is since its new its already mayhem scaled. So when GB decides to scale other grenades we’ll have to see where it stands. Probably still not the best grenade for moze since it doesn’t hit multiple times unless you get the throw just right. If a tracking version exists it think it would be top tier.

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Lightspeed is always Longbow, I think. Part of its unique effect is fast longbow delivery.

CMT at 57 deals only 2400ish card damage. At this point I consider it purely a utility item. Still excellent at what it does though.

Lightspeed on the other hand might actually work as a damage dealer.


According to leaks there’s a new legendary grenade that might be an upgrade to Moze’s kit.

I’d like to see more, and I’d wait for scaling to judge the best. Hard to beat CMT and Hex utility for grenade regeneration and healing though.

The grenade shoots out a burst on impact. 5 highspeed ricochet shots & 5 slow moving homing shots.

So the card damage is about 10x what it says if you bounce the ricochet at something.

I’ll try to see if I can grab some damage numbers in a bit.

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Well yeah, but I was gonna avoid spoiling it. Sounds like a lot of grenades. But not as many as a CMT.

When grenade scaling comes, CMT just moves up becoming even more valuable. It’s usable now, but not really as a damage dealer. If they scale grenades decently and say an approximate 60% boost from MOD and Artifact, CMT‘s would not only be viable for the health and continuous damage, but also a pretty darn good damage dealer on a spammer like a Moze.

Isn’t there some anointment that gives 150% boost in grenade damage. I’ve never gotten one but I think there is. After scaling can you imagine that and the 60% from a mod an artifact!

I’m licking my chops…

I hate to be that guy, but I think that anoint is an action skill active, so it doesn’t work on Moze…

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Yep it sucks hard, somehow GB has made it so all the anoints that would work extremely well for moze, not work for moze and only moze. I honestly can’t tell if GB simply doesn’t like moze as a character, are just accidentally malicious or just making everything up as they go with zero thought to the game as a whole.

I think its just a situation of Moze’s design doesnt really work in BL3. Zane, FL4K and Amara all have 3 different action skills that just do their own thing or make you more powerful (i.e Fade Away or Barrier) but Moze’s action skill takes her out of the game completely and puts you in control of a separate character basically. The anointment system was designed for Amara, FL4K and Zane clearly. Not for IB and Moze. Thus why like 90% of the anoints are useless on Moze.

If that’s the case and moze simply is left without because of her action skill then she and IB need a significant buff to put them on par with the other 3. Gearless moze should be completely OP when compared to gearless amara, fl4k and zane. Or she needs her action skill overhauled so it works more like the other 3.

This, Moze should of had 3 action skills like every other VH and I dont think we would have all these problems. Like I dont get why they gave every other VH 3 action skills but decided to give Moze one. Like I get the whole “Moze and Bear” thing they were going for but they were so dead set on making a character with a mech that they really didnt think it through all the way imo.

One tree - Pilot bear (in-bear focused)
Second tree - Turret(not auto Bear proper rol/ax style)
Third tree - totem(?) Bear (party buffs/aoe debuffs)

It seems they tried to do something along these lines but spread the skills everywhere and made them almost stand alone skills which had no other benefit to moze
I think that formula could still work it’s just gonna be a looot of work Dx

Edit: spelling and clarification xP

Typical…story of my life lol…

Has anyone found a Mayhem 10 CMT to put up against Lightspeed and see which will be good at killing?

I know CMT will work good with Groundbreaker because it’ll be a sustained source of constant damage. I think Lightsoeed will be similar in that you can get a massive burst of damage in a single throw.