Like A Ghost is really lame


With 3/3 points at the end of the skill tree, it gives you 6% bullet damage reduction, increasing to 15% for 8 seconds after activating an action skill, or 24% after activating two action skills.

Except, it takes about 2 seconds to deploy both your action skills, and both of which have cooldowns of about 20-40 seconds, so in reality, you’re looking at having the glorious boosted rate of 24% about 10% of the time.

Honestly, if it were just active 100% of the time action skills are active, it would still be a pretty mediocre skill. Consider Amara, who gets 40% damage reduction for 15 seconds after deploying her action skill. That’s a more powerful bonus, with about 50%+ uptime to boot.

It would be really cool if it could give 100% chance to dodge damage for a very short time after swapping with your clone. That way you could use it tactically mid-combat to dodge heavy attacks! Like the Mega Blender.