Like Ernest.....don't like the ult

Been leveling up an Ernest and I like him…but…

Maybe it’s just me but I kinda think his ult is really…meh

Too many mines never get activated and the animation of switching to 3rd person and the deployment mechanic is just…slow and clunky…at least to me.

Would have served better to just use the same deployment method as Oscar Mike. Green or orange targeting grid on the ground and staying in the first person.

But even then, the damage just seems so random and unsatisfying. Especially for an ult. It’s NOTHING like an Ambra or an Orendi or an Oscar Mike

What is you guy’s take…or what methods do you have that make it better??

Grenade Launcher = Good
Thrown Charges = Good (although I would have like a helix “fastball” option to make them explode on impact)
Eggs = Good
Ult = meh!


I love his mines ult.
Blooming, a gorgeous flower…
Of explosive death.


It’s seems like it’s supposed to be used preemptively on a spot you think the enemy is going to be. It blocks escape routes, denies areas, clears waves, and secures kills. It isn’t supposed to be flashy like Orendi’s ult. The mines can’t be shot and are small enough that opponents don’t notice them sometimes. I think it does its job well.


I place it in the path of the enemy, I place it on top of the enemy…

My problem is that it just doesn’t seem to DAMAGE anything enough to warrant an ult.

And all those left behind munitions just show me what a low return I got for the long time investment of waiting for the ult to pop up.

And the clunky delivery method…you guys CAN’T think that is good???

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Try combining his detonation charge with the push helix and his ult. It works really well. Killed a few people by pushing them back into my minefield

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Will try that…thanks!

And to be fair…I have only used it in PvE…it might be a far better tool in PvP.

That’s the problem. It isn’t as useful in PvE. His power egg and basic attack are his bread and butter in that mode, and they crush everything but Geoff and guardians.

Animation is terrible, damage is only good for taking out low health enemies. They only stay for a certain amount of time too, and are clearly visible to the enemy team. They just have to walk around them or wait the 10ish seconds until they detonate to completely avoid taking any damage. It can help you minion wave clear, but it’s nothing special. I think it’s a decent trade off for his weapon and other skills though

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The Ult is fine, but the switching to 3rd person makes it feel clunky as hell.

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Well, you make a good point, the main weapon and other skills are quite good!

The switch to 3rd person makes no sense (it’s hard to aim it), and I think I’ve been killed a few times cause I can’t see what the hell is going on.


I agree completely. The ult doesn’t feel like an ult and 3rd person view is unnecessary and confusing with its camera moved to the left.

Increase mines’ activation range, remove third person view. Probably make mines activate while they are deploying (mid-air), not only after they hit the ground.

You don’t need a charge for that. Quick melee works well too.

Except the charge push back is ranged while quick melee is not.

I’d like the ult more if it worked consistently. I’ve deployed it many times without any mines dropping out. I just do the animation and… nothing. Didn’t get CC’d either, the mines just don’t appear.
It is pretty damn fun to get kills with, though. I think I got a double with it yesterday. It’s definitely meant for screwing with low health enemies who try to escape. I think that’s excellent!

That thing can deal over 1k dmg, this rath was trying to eat me flanking in overgrow through the túnel so i placed my ult there.

He didnt notice and killed himself deals atleast 1k, second time he knew and tried everything to destry them, it was funny To see rath throwing his blade :l, i knew he was there so he could w8 and get targeted or use other rout.

In some áreas… Your mines can get stuck in the roof/wall when the egg explodes

It’s definitely not a team sweeper like Dreadwind or Pillarstorm, but it does do good at denying territory or flanking routes. Sure it only lasts 10 seconds, but that’s 10 seconds that the enemy team is denied safe passage.

It’s meh in PvE for sure - by the time the ult is deployed, you could have doubled your kill count by spamming grenades while boosted by your egg.

However, I think his overall powerful kit more than makes up for his ult. It still serves a purpose but if it was powerful enough to reliably wipe players, Ernest would be a borderline must have pick on every team.

I do agree that the switch to 3rd person is clunky and unnecessary. If they wanted wind up time for the ult, simply leave it in 1st person and give a delay between the player’s click to place and the actual placement. Much easier and smoother, and doesn’t disorientate the player for no reason.

I had a Phoebe and an Ambra trying to kill me earlier today. I dropped the ult at my feet and kept running around shooting grenades and tossing charges and both of them died trying to kill me because the mines did their job. The mines are a defensive tool more so than an offensive tool.

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Just the Ult animation is really wonky. Not sure why the switch to third person was necessary. The mines themselves are fine, wish they did a little more damage.

Two Things I’ve learned that are really effective with his ult:
Putting it in an area that the enemy will consciously run to when escaping usually gets me a kill or two.
Ghalt can pull people through minefields so they will get hit by mines and still land in ghalts trap.

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I’ve Master him and have done a ton of PvE and PvP since Thrusday…So…

  1. We did a Scrim where, Discord group, were all Ernest, 10 of us!
    We had mines everywhere.
    Long as we kept jumping and running none of us died from mines.

  2. It is worthy in PvE to use your Helix to trigger explosives.
    Place your mines, then toss your explosive and trigger a bigger gooder BOOM.

  3. This Ult will kill you in places.
    The outside railings on Sabo are one of those places, watch out.
    You just might wiggle right off into the void.