Like, Follow, Obey skins LOST to gun manufacturer rewards!

So I had been emailed the Like follow Obey skins to my in game mail, BUT while I was farming I overfilled my inbox with vladof etc. manufacturer rewards and now can’t find the email to claim the skins! is it lost forever?

Dunno, have you tried cleaning out your inbox?

The “in game mail” of it just notifies that they are available in game; i had nothing to accept

did you update your shift account?

Have you actually looked whether they are available to you? Maybe you just don’t get them as physical items.

I’m not sure that you can overfill your in-game mail. At least I don’t know of any limit on the mail system. You sure you didn’t claimed them with some other character or something? If you did so, it should be in your inventory as 2 items, one for the skins, one for the heads. You have to unlock it that way, it won’t be added to your Quick Change Station automatically. If you dropped it, sold it, anything like that, I’m afraid it’s lost. If you still don’t find it in your mail, nor in your Quick Change Station, try unsubscribe from news letter on SHiFT site, then find the email on which you have to verify your profile, and try going through the whole verifying process again. Not sure you can claim them twice, but worth a shot.

I literally have hundreds of items in my mail, have never had something not arrive.