Like,follow,obey skins

So guys i am trying to get the streamer skins but it seems impossible for me i can’t change preferences because it says i need to confirm my email but when i try to do it,it says the email has already been confirmed so i am stuck what should i do?

From the other thread on this I’ve heard that you just have to change something for it to register. Change your birth month to something else and see if that does it.

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already tried that i’ve seen a youtuber do it and on his shift account the email part says ‘‘verified’’ in orange but mine doesn’t say that and yet i still can’t verify because i only get ‘’ * You have already verified your email address’’

The age verification is bugged. Select the next month what you signed up with. For example, if you signed up choosing June, select July. Or, for March, you have to select April, etc.

I can’t change the month it only says ‘‘age group 18+’’ that is it no option to edit anything

Hmm :thinking: that should be okay than, it didn’t got saved for me until I chose the next month. So obviously the email confirmation should be the problem. Honestly I don’t remember about my profile verification, because it was an year or so. Don’t know. Try to ask for another verification email and do all the same stuff again.

It says i did not specify a confirmation token then sends me back to verify the email and then it says its already verified.
I wonder if delete that account can i create another with the same email?

Probably want to contact Shift support before deleting your profile. They may be able to clear it up.