Likely a stupid question

Like many other Brits, today I picked up the Handsome Collection but I’m experiencing a problem I haven’t noticed anywhere else yet. Basically, I got Borderlands 2 before joining xbox live, so all my character save files from BL2 and TPS are saved on an offline profile, ‘Scott’, while I used a new online profile (ParadiseLost88) to then get all the DLC. So when it came to transferring my save files, my online profile has nothing to upload to the cloud save feature, while my offline profile has the actually useful info, so I’m wanting to ask how can I get my character saves onto my online account so I can then play them on THC? All help is much appreciated.

Sounds to me like you’re completely stuck - the saves are tied to the profile, and I can’t see any legitimate way around that. You could try putting in a support ticket with GBX/2K, but I’m not sure they’ll be able to help?

Just sign up for the free Xbox Live Silver on your “offline” profile. It will allow you to connect to XBL to upload the data, and the saves will stay associated with that profile even if you change the gamertag when you upgrade to the free XBL Silver.

Thanks the advice guys. In the end that’s the approach I used, turned my offline profile into a new secondary online profile, and I’ve managed to sync my Claptrap onto my xbox one this way (just minus the Badass points, everything else seems in place).