Likely Platform to have highest/longest lasting player base?

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So I’m considering getting this on PC or PS4. I’m thinking that the PS4 would likely have the higher player base but the PC would have a long lasting community? Thoughts?

Wish I had a clue. I’m currently debating on a PC version or an X-box One…one. Given that PS4 players are able to play the beta earlier, I’m sensing the love for that console. However if people are able to mod, PC will have the larger player-base later down the road.

Difficult question. Normally I’d say ps4 (just look at e.g. battlefield 4, battlefront, Evolve, etc.), but since this game has many MOBA elements it’s hard to say really. Might be that pc players feel more at home and stay longer, having already dabbled in many moba’s… Or it might have the opposite effect, where the pc players see nothing new overall and discard the game far quicker than the ps4 crowd.

I would pick PC over XboxOne though. Just because Titanfall died so quick on xbox360. In any case, I would base my pick on my favourite controll scheme and where I can play with the most friends (in my case that’s ps4).

I would say based on sheer numbers it will be the PS4 unless it really catches fire in esports then maybe the PC.

I am torn between getting it on either Xbox One or PS4 myself and its why I wish they would allow Cross Platform Play so we have a larger player base combined.

It’s so dumb they never do cross platform between consoles… Would bolster the community so much and if a release fails on a certain platform they will still be able to play vs the “scum” on the other platform :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say go ps4 unless you have (more) friends on Xbox that are going to also play BB, or you don’t have ps+ and do have xboxlive. As far as I could tell in the Beta, connection was fine on ps4.

I played it on both consoles and I will admit I prefer the PS4 so take this with a grain of salt but I could swear it ran better on the PS4.

Ps4 or PC. Ps4 will have the biggest playerbase most likely. PC players generally are more hardcore gamers therefore the playerbase may last longer on PC but I expect if content continues to come, Battleborn will last for at least a year on both PS4 and PC if not 2 years.

Ps4 is going to have the bigger player base, no doubt.

I’d say the online community will stick for at least a year as well, probably on all platforms. Online games always surprise me in their longeavity. Battlefield 3 on ps3 is still going strong and about a year ago Killzone 3 was still active (and that game was not even all that popular).

Absolutely the ps4.

That is hard to answer, at first i believe that maybe the PS4 will have the biggest player base but i doubt it will have the longest active fanbase, pretty sure that’ll be on the PC.
So if i were you i would choose whichever version most of my friends were playing.

The pc will absolutely not have the most. Look at similar games like paragon, evolve etc. All are much much more alive on console than the pc. The pc has tons of games like battle born while the console doesn’t. More players, more uniqueness will drive the ps4 base

I said longest active fanbase not the largest at somepoint, there are quite a few PC titles with very active communities that are more than decades old.
I clearly said that at launch PS4 might have the largest player pool, not just the longer lasting one.
And taking account all the threads about specific ports, sales data and feedback on various sites i honestly think that there wont be much different number of players between all the platforms.
So i say again, if you have more friends playing on the PS4 go for it, if you have more friends playing it on the PC play it there. The rest is pretty much moot.

Steam reports that over 9,000 people are currently playing Borderlands 2 at 12:45pm US Central time on a Saturday. Pre-Sequel shows 2,000 playing.

Those BL2 numbers have been consistent for months. I think those are very good numbers for a game that is close to 4 years old.

I agree with the others that the best option is to play with your friends, whatever platform they own. Enjoyment of the game is most important to me. But if longevity of the title is important, then the numbers show me that PC looks good as long as Battleborn is near BL2 quality.

Keep in mind borderlands is only that played, aside from quality, because of a million sales it has been in

I don’t understand the relevance here. I’ve bought several games on sale that I haven’t even bothered to install.

People are playing it because they enjoy it. Otherwise they would be playing something else. If Steam users buy Battleborn on sale in 6 months, like it, and are still playing it in 3 years, is that a bad thing?

Agree, it doesnt matter if the game is on sale or not, people will only play it if they feel the game is good enough for them.
I have a lot of AAA titles that were bought on sale and ended up playing them for a couple of hours at most, yet im still playing AoE2 with a lot of people and that game is around 16 years old, and I known a lot of people that still play UT.

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Either way lets hope it is successful everywhere :grin: