Likes and hates of the main and sidemissions

Minor main and secondary story mission details explained additionally some character details are also expressed

Ok i thought it would be appropriate with the first dlc coming out soon to explain some of the details i liked and hated about the missions and the characters. I will start with the missions that stood out to me the most. I absolutely hated the Hostile Takeover mission. Who thought it was a good idea to force you into a main mission where you have to follow around a haiku speaking robot and help them kill people when they are better than you at everything? This is not throwing clout at that person but the robot speaks haikus and this is a story mission. It is hard to tell a story when you are using 5/7/5 prose. Not only that but not all players are a fan of this character. I personally am in this boat and hated this character in previous games. If this was a side mission then sure that would be fine and would be for those who were a fan of the character. Additionally this is one of the very few Boarderlands 2 characters to be featured in their own storyline segment you have i think 1 other character who showed up to like 1 other mission and had little time to bond with before well they died. Additionally it was missions like this one after playing the game with three seperate characters that made you feel like you were absolutely useless in the story. You never did anything you were always behind a door or in a bouble and never really had any story impact until the end reallyor outside of killing a boss or 2. You were nothing more than a hired faceless mercenary. When you put this much character development into the main characters the playable characters you want them to actually be key elements in the storyline and they never felt like them. This was further hammered in with the shoehorning in of Maya who felt nothing more than a quickly forged cameo who was important to the storyline because of "reasons?"I am really not quite sure why they were there at all when you had people like tannis who could have easily filled the same roll as a scientist/siren/teacher who were by far more compelling and interesting and got siren powers out of nowhere? I really have no idea where they got the power from but it was a really good bit of storytelling and would have been a far more compelling storyline to follow then the one we got. And dont get me started on Ava who was a nogood spoiled little brat girl the whole time who was praised and made the leader of the group for little to no reason when again someone like Tannis would have been a better choice for this. Heck i would have taken Claptrap over Ava who did nothing but wine and complain and demand to go in guns blazing no forethought or plan whatsoever gets her teacher killed and then is praised for it all. Like what were you guys thinking when you wrote this? That being said it wasnt all that bad. There were jewels here and there. I loved the missions that were not repetative like the one with the guy in the portepoty or the one where you crash a wedding. I like the hunger games style mission. I liked the astetic of the monk planet and would love to see more of it. I like the guy who has the logs that were reallyreally really awesome and characters like lurelei and Sir Hamerlock that were amazing and every one of their missions were visably much more put together and more compelling then the previous story missions i mentioned. Additionally that bit where you are driving in the car for a very long time at the end of the game was amazing. Every boss fight was great and unique and felt nothing like the previous one. I would like to see more Brick, more tiny tina, more mordecai, and I would love to see the psycho from borderlands 2 and the scientist girl with the robot reintroduced in a future dlc even as a sidemission where you had to follow logs or something by them. I would also like to see more characters from borderlands the presequal introduced as well with their own story lines. I want more claptrap missions. I want our character to actually do stuff in the story rather than simply be an observer of the action or being around the action the whole time. I want more missions like the beans mission that gave Ava more of a backstory and explained why we should care about her and how she got to the position she is now in. Why do people care about her at all? What can she introduce to the story. Also please let us play her at some time in the future maybe in borderlands 4 or a future dlc or something. With a bit better storytelling, less terrible and annoying (in a bad way) main villians, and a bit less shoehorning this game could actually be a conender for game of the year. You have a good thing going here guys dont let it go to waste