Lilith build guidance

Looking for a great amazing build for Lilith for tomrrows BL1 remaster. Any help would be appreciated.


This is BL1, so you can stomp with just about any build. Phaswalk is an amazing action skill. It can save your life in a pinch and be used to approach on groups of enemies. Lilith becomes just about unkillable with it.

Personally, I’d end up with something like this.

I’d start off in Controller so you can get some Inner Glow magic going, and then head over to the Assassin tree. Assassin isn’t very exciting stuff, but it’s all pretty strong for getting kills.

Mind Games is probably the best daze-inducing skill anybody has. Depending on how fast your guns fire you’ll want more or less points. Things like SMGs won’t need more than 3 points to quickly daze anything.

You could move things around and make Phasewalk a tool of debuff-murder if you load up on Dramatic Entrance and Silent Resolve. PWalk into a group, daze everything and spray everybody with DoT damage. Sit back, watch them melt, it’s a good time.
The only thing I advise against is loading up on the melee skills, but everything else will work great.


Thank u so much’for this. Very detailed.

Sure thing. Really, just play around and try things that look interesting. Try new COMs, respec into new tress, all that stuff.

btw, COM skills work the same in BL2/TPS. If you have a COM with +2 in Diva, you need at least one skill point to get that bonus. It doesn’t show up, but it’s there.


:point_up: This.

If you don’t have a special build in mind from the beginning Lilith can just go with the flow of which COMs you find. A Mercenary COM that boosts SMG damage, rate of fire via Quicksilver and shield regeneration on every kill via Girl Power possibly isn’t the most exciting option, but it works quite good against any enemy.

For special occasions you can always respec, for example using a PlagueBearer COM when fighting the crimson lance etc. Adapt and overcome ftw :wink:


this is my current build at the moment and honestly between a good shot gun and any smg.

Ive been soaring through areas, second winded 5 times throughout my run and when ive died its been a rng of kill and then barrel and no enemies to second wind.

For anyone following , this is my current build at the moment and I run a mercerancy com with +3 in high velocity

Here is my final build I asm going for

maninly for dps, phasewalk is always there for minor damage reduction and healing.
Black out is fow when im getting kills and hard to get for when im not.

Honestly tanky build and hasnt seem to be wrong direction yet

This is all good Lilith advice, i recommend controller to start with as well - DPS will come far more from finding a decent gun of any kind in PT1 rather than from skills.

Bear in mind PT1 is where some of her less impressive skills (dramatic entrance, radiance etc.) are still genuinely useful so if you are confident enough i’d make sure to give those a try before the min-maxing of the harder parts of the game forces your hand.


After 20 some Lilith playthroughs in the remaster, and 7 1Life successes through going through to the end of PT2.5, I figured I’d share mine. And my weapon is now always an SMG (usually a Stinger and a Hellfire) as the only guns I use, and with those an this build even Crawmerax dies reasonably quickly.
As many have mentioned, I go down Controller first. The only change I make is I only put one point in Girl Power since my Merc com usually boosts that fine. Max’ed Inner Glow and Hard to Get are (for me) essential in Boss Fights (particularly Steele) to stay ahead of damage. Hard to Get is also critical in the Craw fight to bounce between the pillars to avoid Craw attacks. 5 in Mind Games is probably too much since 2-3 with SMGs usually works fine.Max’ed out Phase Strike as the 2nd capstone, but never use it. I get to a point in Lilith’s tree where I have points I don’t really need, I never melee. The options are to max melee and cap with Blight Phoenix, but in both BL1 and 2 I really don’t like B.P. because it causes damage that I’m not controlling. And yes, I could pick Intuition for movement speed, but that changes how my character is moving mid-fight and that throws me off.
Edit: Oh, and one other thing; Her shield is a critical piece that is more important than some skills. Search, farm, whatever for an excellent shield. A hi cap shield with Girl Power keeps many enemies from ever getting to your health bar.


This is a bit of a head-scratcher for me - if you never use it, why take Phase Strike? You might as well put those points to max out Girl Power. Not to mention no Spark and no Intuition (though you addressed that).

In my one-life builds, Girl Power is priority one - max it out, keep it maxed, and use a Merc w/ +4. I never bother with Resilience, because in a one-life run Phasewalk is only used to GTFO if my shield ever breaks. Ditch Phase Strike, Silent Resolve, and pull 3 points out of Mind Games (as you said, 2 or 3 is enough) and put them into Spark, Intuition, and Girl Power.

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