Lilith/claptrap poster help

I am an avid collector of all things borderlands. My collection so far is about $15,000 deep. I am looking for one specific item to purchase or potentially trade for. It is the lithograph of lilith and claptrap on a pile of bodies. I am very active in the borderlands twitter community, my name is the same as here. I’m reaching out in hopes of finding the item that has elluded me for about 3 years

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I’ll have to search through my lithographs.
I have multiples of most of them.

I didn’t spend really anything on my collection, I remember seeing you posting looking for it.

You might be better off going to kinkos to get it printed out as a poster.
Most lithographs are quite hard to find.

I still have my complete set of posters signed by the entire dev team or most of them.

I really don’t remember that picture but I haven’t looked through my litho stack in a few years.


I only collect the authentic lithographs, i have all the others, an have multiples of several, but that lilith claptrap one has only shown up on ebay once and i missed it.

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It’s probably a fan created one.
I can’t find a record of it.
upload the pic I can find the source.

This is the one Handsome is speaking of.
Gearbox ran a limited number of them.


It was called the ‘Lilith Screenprint Poster’ and there were only 250 of them available for sale on the 9th of March 2012.
I’ve googled a whole bunch… But found nothing, sorry… I hope you can track one down, @HandsomeJackFM!

Yep thats it, such a badass picture

Thank you, I’ve been trying to track one down for about 3 years

Oh that one. I kept thinking of a pile of skulls with both of them…
@HandsomeJackFM Unless you want to drive to a nerd store I know of which has one they might sell there is a website selling it for $12,000.

What store?

It’s a store I went to in Barcelona, I don’t remember the name of it off hand.
It was a hole in the wall store that had a lot of random rare collectibles.

I see one on for $1500USD asking but it’s probably fake knowing since I order a lot of things from germany.

I’d honestly check every facebook group to see if you can find one.

Thanks man.

I have one 230/250. Are you still looking for it?

Actually yes I am still looking for it. Are you willing to part with it?

Hi there - I’ve got one! I had it professionally framed. How much were you looking to pay for one?

Throw out a number my friend, what do you want for it?

Did you ever find your lithograph?

Lilith yes, the black or yellow claptrap one no.