Lilith DLC doesn't work offline with the disc copy

Hi All

As I see everybody (except me) knew that the disc doesn’t have the DLC of commander lilith so after buying the disc you need to buy from PS store the DLC which I did. But every time my internet bundle run out the DLC disappear from the mission menu and all weapon turned red that I can not use, (see example photo below). Until this I consider it normal

But when I went to a friend house and start to play BL2, it appears he purchase one time Handsome jack collection from PS store which include the lilith DLC already and we played offline all the game including the DLC without connecting the console to the internet .

Here I am asking can I have the DLC work on my console offline? why I need to renew my internet bundle every time I want to play this DLC. of course no chance I need to buy all the handsome jack collection online once I have the disc to make it work right?

Not sure about this one. @GrzesPL - any ideas?

Thanks for the quick reply

I am sure 100%

Just yesterday played it offline in a friend console whom bought the full handsome jack in the offer day or something like that (perhaps free with PSN) and his copy full with commander lilith and playable offline.

Try going to account settings and set your console as primary, and see if that fixes the issue.

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Works perfect thanks
I will update you here if something went wrong

Any way it was stupid of me to buy the disc in 15$ then lilith DLC in 16.99$ I found the full version in 9.99$ lol and no need for the head ache of the disc existed in the machine.

Fight for Sanctuary is not included in Handsome Collection, so it’s up to you if the 5$ more hurts or no.


not at all
I never regret paying for this magnificent game
I just wanted to say I never read or surf before buying

but I still think you are mistaken as the handsome jack collection my friend get it free with PSN include all and the paid one now in PSS is saying that

FfS is not included.

ok understood

thanks and cheers

It is misleading, also without FfS you can’t do OP levels anymore iirc, cause you need to be max lvl which is 80 now, but without dlc you can’t reach it, and not sure if it was fixed.

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absolutely right

you see the photo that show all dlc n addon included but when the client discover that he has to buy another dlc that makes them feel irritated

i’m still level 62 but it may keep going to level 80 because i already have ffs

no one can confirm except whom not having ffs dlc

Unfortunately, the copy was never updated from the original launch text when DLC5 was released as a teaser/promo for BL3. Not just on PS store either - same on MS store at least.

If you actually look at the original BL2 season pass, though, it is completely clear that it was just for the four DLCs. Likewise, if you dig down in to the “what’s included” for HC it’s the 4 DLCs, 2 characters, etc.

Kinda sucks that the store text doesn’t get updated though.

I double check with the friend whom downloaded the free version in PSN, and he says that he made a single download, and his game copy includes the FFS

so I suppose some how it is been made for a while in PSS, don’t know why they change it back without FFS.

Did he get the PS5 native version?

I asked him he didn’t know what is it so I suppose he don’t have it
any way his console PS4 not 5