Lilith DLC not scaling in level after beating TVHM

I didn’t know which forum to post it in but after beating the warrior on TVHM and everything else scaling to level 50 i went into the new dlc but it’s at level 38. This is the second siren character that is like this. One was one I started from Level 1 and the other a boosted level 30 that you can make. I have a gaige that did the dlc with scaled leveling no problem. Is there something I can do? Or do I have to try and make another Siren character again??

Boosted characters start out in Normal mode with Heroes Pass still to complete. I suspect you simply entered the DLC in normal mode, for which the maximum level is 38.

You shouldn’t need to. Just make sure that you have completed the main story in TVHM for that character. If you hit “Character Select” at the main game menu and select the character there, you should get a dialog box pop up asking you to select the mode you want to play in. If it doesn’t say “UVHM” as an option, then you have not properly completed the story in TVHM yet.

Yeah i beat the warrior twice and have the UVHM unlocked but gonna keep trying to play the dlc to see if the level eventually syncs up cause want to farm the bosses on my siren at lvl 50.

Had you gone in to any of the DLC before completing the Warrior in TVHM? IIRC quests you’ve already accepted won’t rescale.

I did not, i sped through the main story to get to the end to tvhm without touching any of the dlc so that i could do them at their max level to get level 50 gear…was looking through reddit seems to be something happening to others as well. Kinda sad cause I have a gaige that was working just fine when i first did the dlc everything was at level 50 :frowning:

I have noticed this same thing and it isn’t only the new DLC. I’m level 50 Siren (started 30) just finished tvhm and I can’t get a gun with damage above 10k. I was getting lot higher gear with my Gaige I leveled from 1.

Hey I really need help getting the new dlc to work and getting my new level 30 character I’m not new at the game Ben playing for years just got a new Xbox for this update and bought the game at my game stop idk why it’s not working and the free dlc ain’t ether please help

Just to double-check, are you playing the Handsome Collection version of BL2?

I was about to say is it because I’m still upswing the old version and do I need to get the handsom jack I just never got it cause I hated the pre sequel

Unfortunately yes, you will need the Handsome Collection version in order to access the 5th DLC and get the additional levels. It does not appear to work at all with the backwards compatible version of BL2.

Tha k you sm I’ve heard it leads up to borderlands 3 lol