Lilith dlc on PS4 handsome collection with disc

I hit lvl 72 last night so I went on to my psstore and bought the Lilith dlc, wen it’s finished downloading it just keeps saying waiting to install. When I click it takes me to the store to buy handsome collection.
My version is on disk I know ppl had problems before wen it was the free psplus game.
Any help would be much appreciated

Could be your region messing with the DRM? I know that was one issue, which seemed to affect users who like you had bought the game on physical disk rather than digitally. I’m not sure what the resolution for that was - you may want to contact Sony support in the first instance.

Edit: see also this post

It may be that it really is installed, but the in-game downloadable content menu isn’t displaying correctly. Try launching the game, loading a save, and then check the FT menu options or the “Character Select” screen.

Thanks I still can’t seem to get it I will contact Sony the now and see what they say. The region on the back of the game case says all?