Lilith DLC price

Went to the Steam store this evening to take a look around, and stopped by the Borderlands 2 page.

The Lillith DLC is, as we knew, now not free, that was a limited time thing.

What made me go audibly “Hmmmmm” though was the price. It’s priced at US$14.99 (I’ll call it $15 from now on).

That’s us$5 more than the Tiny Tina or Hammerlock DLCs, a 50% increase.
That’s a good bit of a price rise for a DLC that is slightly shorter in runtime, though it does add more new gear.

I bring it up in the context of BL3, really. If GB/2K is comfortable increasing DLC pricing 50% in 2019, I’m going to make the assumption that they will be pricing BL3 DLC at the same increase rate.
Might be wrong, of course. But this is interesting.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the case, just disappointed. Bl2 made money releasing a bunch of mostly fairly-priced dlc of varying degrees of work put in. I think the bl3 post-launch is going to be less beefy, since we already know there won’t be extra vault hunters and probably not something like the uvhm packs(speculation there, but the endgame is apparently supposed to be fleshed out with the base game already.)
If that’s true, it makes perfect sense to charge extra for the ones we do get.
Then again, it’s 2019 and there’s a lot more ways to monetize a game now

I’m not surprised nor disappointed because it’s $10 for the campaign DLC, and extra $5 for the level cap. idk if I should pay $5 for the level cap itself though, but I don’t remember the price for both UVHUP which also includes new gear while this one does not.

Edit: I also don’t even know if Lilith DLC actually increases the level cap or if it’s part of a free update.

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Every where I look has the uvhm packs at $5, though I remember paying more for them originally on Xbox live, high likelihood of misremembering I admit.

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It was already confirmed that BL3’s DLC will be more expensive than BL2/TPS.

Can you provide a citation for this? I’ve looked & searched around for credible reports on BL3 DLC pricing and cannot find anything.
We do know the DLC pack of 4 will be $30 in the season pass (, which is of course $7.50 each as part of the bundle.
But I cannot find anything specifically about individual pricing and whether it will be more than the past.
Any links would be appreciated.

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I don’t have a link, it was after the reveal. Season Pass will cost more than 30$. Right now price for BL3 Super Deluxe is the cheaper one. After the launch, price for Super Deluxe Edition will go up, so if you want cheaper Season Pass you should preorder the game before Sep 13.

Gotcha, I’ll keep looking.