Lilith loot box in her room on sanctuary 3

Twice I’ve opened Lilith’s loot box in her room on sanctuary and there was a gold item in the box that I didn’t want so I dropped it for my teammate the item immediately disappeared I dropped out of the game after saving and checked the lost and found but it wasn’t in there either.
I know the item is a lost cause but wanted to share this issue


The floor in Sanctuary has more loot holes than a block of Swiss cheese, unfortunately. There are very few ‘safe’ spots where you can drop loot. I’ve heard that the tables in the crew section of the ship are safe locations; just avoid the floor.

Are there holes in the character’s room or immediately outside? I regularly have gear on the floor there without issue… would love to draw a map with these known locations.

Yeah, the sanctuary is not a safe place to drop items. Generally I’d recommend you do an in-game trade or even use the mail system instead of dropping stuff.