Lillith dlc taken away

So The lillith dlc was given out for free for Handsome Jack collection. Now I was having an interest in playing bl2 again, but the whole dlc was taken away and says i gotta re buy it.

It was free for a limited time as part of the hype for BL3, then went to purchase (around August of that year iirc?). This was clearly stated in the GBX announcements at the time.

If you had downloaded it while it was free and didn’t delete it, you should still have access to it. Not sure what happens if you downloaded during the free period then deleted it and want to re-download it now though. If you didn’t download it during the free period, you’re unfortunately out of luck and will have to buy it.

Ive had it downloaded the whole time. I only uninstalled it about a week ago. It took it away while I still had it downloaded and that is the problem.

Not sure what to suggest about that: if it was on 360 then going through Downloads History might have got it back; I’m not sure if there’s an equivalent page in the XB1 UI - if there is, I’ve never succeeded in finding it. You may want to try contacting MS Support about this one since in theory the system should ‘remember’ that you had legitimately owned it before.

These statements confuse me.

So did you uninstall it and were unable to reinstall it?

I had it installed the whole time, only time I uninstalled it was a couple days ago, when it wasn’t working.(ie not giving me the content anymore.)

So when you tried to go to the Fight For Sanctuary DLC it was no longer select-able?

Correct, lat time I played I had it, whenI came back it said I had to buy it and gave me the message saying “you don’t have required downloadable content installed, you won’t be able to level up past 72”

I’m confused by the way this has been done too, to be honest.

If I launch Borderlands 2 in the DLC menu on the Xbox on a fully updated copy it flat out says it’s free and doesn’t state a time limit.

But it’s actually $14.99. Games are able to keep up with the pricing listed on the store in their menus…so why the trickery?

Same here

Just for clarification I’m assuming you’ve played the Fight for Sanctuary DLC already and level characters up past level 80 prior to the free period expiring?

This is also assuming you purchased your copy of Borderlands 2 prior to the release of Fight For Sanctuary correct?

It makes me wonder if there was a limit on time to actually start the DLC as well? If someone hadn’t launched it by the redemption deadline for getting it free, do they forfeit access?

I don’t think that would be a good business practice but after my issue with the Disciple of the Vault skins not being included for people who bought each half of Season Pass 2 separately, but being 9.99 each, so 39.97 for the four character models on top of the 29.98 for the two halves of the Season Pass two, I don’t really expect a positive outcome as far as getting the DLC back is concerned.

This had me a bit concerned, so I fired up my own XB1 to check as I haven’t launched BL2 in a while. I didn’t bother to check the “Downloadable Content” menu as that’s always been buggy for me. I just loaded one of my complete game UVHM characters and checked the FT in Sanctuary, which let me travel to the 5th DLC starting location just fine.

I wasn’t able to do as thorough of a check as I would like, though, since for some reason my XB1 decided to boot up in to off-line mode. I’ll have to check back later.

Unfortunately, GBX never edited the in-game text once the free period expired. (Either that, or it’s yet another bug with the Downloadable Content menu since it’s always been showing incorrect information for me.)

Edit: apparently there was a pending system update, and the last person to play had put the console in off-line mode rather than install it. Awaiting that to check again.

Edit 2: Alright, back on-line!

My DLC5 definitely still works just fine, but it does not show as owned or installed within the Downloadable Content menu for some reason. Note that this is the digital edition of the Handsome Collection native for XB1 fully patched.

A few things to check that might be at play, based off DLC issues I’ve had with other games:

  • Make sure your XB1 is your home console (Settings > System > Personalization)
  • If you have both an external and internal drive, make sure that both the main game and the 5th DLC are installed on the same physical drive
  • Always try a power reset - it’s scary how many issues that simple thing actually fixes
  • If you use your XBox profile on more than one console, you may want to remove and reinstall it (use the option leaving games and apps in place to save downloads)

Otherwise, I’d still suggest contacting MS Support; you can also find a link to 2K Support in the pinned thread at the top of this section.

(Also moved from on-line play to tech support threads!)

It’s not a problem. I downloaded it when it was free, deleted it, and was able to download and install again.


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Wish it worked for me.

Just on the off-chance, did you try going to the MS Store page and clicking on the ‘buy’ button to see what would happen? I get some very weird stuff going on there where it doesn’t necessarily seem to check my licence status for DLC items until I do that. You should be able to cancel on the next page if it goes to the method of payment instead of altering the status to ‘Download’ or ‘Install’

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