Limit roles in matchmaking?

this is a thought i have had on and off for a bit.

if a game mode or added to main matchmaking that would limit maybe

2 tanks
2 melees
1 healer
1 extreme range
rest are ok as mid/ general battleborn

with talks of another battleborn in DLC whose role is heal coming out that would mean there can be more healers in a game

but this method would try and prevent people going all tank or all melee etc

I’d prefer the WOW set of 1 Defender, 1 Support, and 3 Attackers.

Why can’t a team role more than 1 healer or more than 2 tanks if they want to? In other games stacking tanks can be an effective strategy, why not allow it?

my idea is merely an idea for discussion.

not saying current idea is wrong. this is just an idea

Oh right. personally I don’t think there should be any limit on the number of a role that a team should use.

People can play what they want to play and if they can make it work then more power to them.

and that’s a far statement to. as im on the fence 50/50 about such an idea.

let people have choices to form a team

but sometimes people dont know how to put a balanced team together

then I want to play with my friends as 1 Montana and the rest as miko.

we are already limited to how we can play

You can already do that in Private Versus if you turn off Unique characters.

Personally, I don’t think that would work very well, but by all means people should be allowed to do it.

You can already do that in private matches.

I don’t think this needs its own mode, especially given the strength you can have with two supports. Ambra backing up a Rath for a assassin squad while Reyna and Isic remain damn near unkillable while doing plenty of ranged damage. You can fit any 5th battleborn in there with positive results. Teamwork and creativity will be the names of the game.

I think you’re right on point joe. Make the team you want and play around it. Trying to pigeon hole teams and creating a “meta” is opposite the idea that I think this game is trying to encompass. I don’t think there will ever be the “perfect team” in any game mode, considering the diversity of roles most of the characters are able to fill.


I do not like when freedom and options are taken away from a player. The proposed limitation serves no purpose other then artificially leveling the playing ground and making BB look more like a sport. No thanks.

The characters are currently defined in-game as either Defender, Attacker or Supporter, so if anything like this were going to be introduced it’s very likely those would be the categories. The issue with limiting selections based on broad generalizations like those, to me, is that Battleborn is awesome because of how crazy different each character is from the next and how vague those classifications really are, particularly when factors like helix selections are considered.

Toby, Attikus and Montana are all “Defenders”, but one is an area-denial artillery emplacement, one is a late-game melee wrecking ball and one is a mid-range slab of bullet-eating beefsteak. Their individual impact on the game is very different, and I don’t think having two (or three; go crazy!) of those guys on a team would create much of an overlap in role or effect, or necessarily leave you lacking in other areas.

Similarly, Miko and Reyna – while both being Supporters – have vastly different combat roles that just happen to both center on team co-ordination. And having both on a team is a thing of beauty. :smiley:

in regular matchmaking i’ll again point out

we are already limited to how we can play

we can not pick two of the same character

so the argument some are making let us play how we want is is not true since they have already put limitations.

it was this very concept that got me thinking this idea as another way to play and balance teams

I think being able to reselect your character until timer runs out would also solve this issue for the most part. If you think your team is missing something you’d just change to a more suitable character.

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As a long time WoW Player I have to say “Please don’t” at this point.
While certain roles are a necessity in PvP, these can be managed through team communication.
And considering PvE, it would be stupid to have to wait 2 Hours for a Tank, when you know you could pull it off with 5 DD’s.

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This won’t work. I know that’s a bold statement, but that’s what it is. And the reason for that is Battleborn design itself. Namely, you can make dps character out of any support or tank character by just picking appropriate helix upgrades. So even of you pick 5 tanks, in actuality - they can become 1 tank and 4 attackers. And that’s so awesome.
There will always be people hellbent on playing one or another character. Let them. It’s then up to rest of team to make a workable composition. There’s no need for artificial limitations.
There are I think only two things that would improve this in non limiting way. First would be ability to change the character before timer runs out. Second, maybe some sort of suggestion notification on the side, like “Are you sure, you have enough tanks/supports/attackers” if some of these are missing. In short, suggesting > limiting every day.

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idk. when i filled out the survey i was shocked to see that there was a question on there about how i felt about the hero selection being limited to only one of each character on a team. scared me to death because they are obviously at least entertaining the idea of changing that, or have at least considered it at some point. i would not play this game anymore if you could have multiples. imagine 6 galileas on one team…