Limit roles in matchmaking?

Had AMAZING missions with pure DD´s or only tanks+DDs, even awesome games with 4 heals/supporters + Orendi. In my opinion te teamplay and awareness ingame has more impact on a good mission.

I think a limit would literally limitate the possibilities and ways to wreck and slay arround Solus…

I am 90 percent sure you could pick the character as someone else for 1 day during the ps4 beta i could of imagened it. The thing about this whole limit role is
1 it takes away freedom for the player its one thing to be the last to select and be limited to 21 battleborn is other to be limit to 4 (because you have to be a support) or 7 (because your a defender)
2 roles are not set. Tody a defender is not very tanky and can also heal team mates so does he fill the tank spot? shane An attacker is very tanky but they would fill an attacking spot.
3 custom teams if a team wants 2 supports a shielder and a healer why not? Maybe a team wants to just rush it and get kills to keep the enemy out of the fight so they go 5 attackers. Another might think its a better to be able to stay in the fight longer so goes 3 tanks 2 supports. Why should we take that awat from them?

If anything matchmaking should be changed to allow multiple of the same character.

if you want, i can get my friends together in a few days and see if the old glitch still works and play with 5 galileas and make you regret that statement.
i personally would not buy the game if they allowed multiples of the same character. that sort of thing is for team death match types of game like destiny. even at high levels in destiny, you cannot have the same subclasses on a team.

Multiples of the same character can allow for some powerful strategies, I’m aware, but thats more reason to allow it. If you come up with a powerful strategy involving multiple characters more power to you.

I’m kinda on the opposite side of this argument. I’d rather there not be multiples of characters on either side. Just a little pet peeve of mine, and Gearbox did a good job of making it funny.