Limitations of New Characters?

So somebody I know asked me an interesting question concerning the future of the game. So, my question is;

Is there an inherent limit to the number of New Heroes that can be released for the game?

I know that it’s been stated that the plans as of now (as far as characters are concerned) is to released 5 additional Heroes as free DLC, but is that all that can be released? Can Gearbox and 2k Decide that they want more Heroes for the game and release them as additional content? Or is there a limitation that would only allow those 5 announced Heroes from ever existing and no more?

I don’t know much about games and stuff, but I’m sure there’s a data limit or something that would keep the numbers from going past a certain amount, but I’m not sure.

What if the game is successful enough and the demand high enough? Would more characters be possible? Can we reach LoL levels of Heroes to choose from? Would a new disc purchase be necessary to get access to more data space for characters?

TL:tr: Can we get more than 5 characters should the devs decide to do so OR are they already limited to those 5 that they have planned due to data limit?

There is definitely no program limit for the number of character till you reach some crazy high float limit which exact number I forgot.

They hope to work up to a roster of 50 character I’ve been told. Even then that’s not the limit. They could go to 100, 200 or more if they really wanted to. That would be a balancing nightmare I imagine.

It’s not just a matter of balancing, though.

The game also has a PvE/Campaign that would have to probably incorporate any new characters. That seems like a lot of work (especially if they want to keep it as free DLC). I can see it happening should the characters they release will be PvP ONLY or just be dissociated from the campaign and their lore unlocked through purely PvP means (as well as cutting down on a lot of the character dialogues and campaign dialogues.)

A Roster of 50 sounds pretty good though, I hope they can pull something like that off successfully.

I’m not a coder but I do have some rudimentary understanding of how coding works. I also know that from an interview with the devs that GBX implemented coding “hooks” as they’re sometimes called, that allow them to go into the game on their side; the server side and make changes without having to wait for a patch, or title update, which bundles all those little changes together. I’d be willing to bet that one of those hooks involves the infrastructure to add more characters past 30, but honestly, I think 30 is enough. GBX is good at planning out things like DLC and we should be grateful that we’re getting 25 (+5) fully animated and fleshed out characters, which will be balanced as needed post launch.

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I’m talking long haul here, two or three years down the line. New Champions/Heroes is what makes competitive games have longevity and replay value. It diversifies a meta and brings more and more interest into the game by appealing to different people and their play-styles.

It’s good to have a large variety of characters that fill the same role but play very different. If I want to be a healer for example, I currently have 2 choices with 1 clearly being better than the other in that role. Even Alani being a healer will still be a very small number (3) for variety. Now, let’s say we have 10+ healers, things start becoming interesting since there are more and more options for people as opposed to 2-3.

Not to mention I do like the idea of having a selection akin to that of League of Legends when forming a PvP game (NOTE: I’ve never played LoL). A system like LoL obviously can’t work if the choices for certain roles are so limited.

In short, I know 30 is a large cast, but for a game that claims to wanting to become competitive it needs to continue releasing more and more Heroes in order to compete within the genre (at least in my opinion). The Replayability of games is definitely in the character selection (thus increasing the cast of characters exponentially increases replayability).

Ideally for me I’d like;
10+ Healers (Multiple AoE healers and Single-Target healers)
20+ Tanks/Defenders (More fast defenders/tanks)
10+ Offensive Melee (Some which don’t use their fists :confused: Spears, Tridents, Scythe, Staffs, etc. are all cool Melee weaponry)
10+ Offensive Range (Some which are casters like Orendi and not just Heroes with ranged weaponry)
5+ Snipers (Marquis monopoly should be broken!)

but yah, my point is that 30 is good but more would be competitively better.

Holy ■■■■ this would be the coolest thing ever

As long as people play the game and at least some spend some money on skins and dlc’s they will add things up to the 130 heroes LoL has and beyond, but thats only a best case scenario.