Limited amount of load-out slots

We really need at least one load-out slot for every character. Limiting them at 9 seems like a strange choice.

It would be even better if we could have a load-out sets per character, rather than shared ones.


I second this. There was nothing more frustrating than setting up a set on Oscar Mike (reload speed, recoil etc) and having another player take him, leaving me with Rath. How’s he going to benefit from reload speed, for Christ sakes?

Make a second load out? I have 2 that I use for everyone one for attack speed, attack power, and health regen. And One for skill cool downs and shield power. Personally I think the recoil items are useless since I have many years of fps game experience I can counter recoil real well

OP’s complaining about having a max of nine loadouts that can be created. They’ve obviously played this game way more than I have! (Just unlocked my third loadout this week)

I am 100% positive I won’t need more than 9. I might not even need 5


I don’t have max loadout number yet, but I agree. Seems pretty stupid. What if at some point I’d like to create a loadout on each character. And having restricted a number of loadout at the start also frustrates me. Made a loadout for caldarius, smbd took caldarius, have a support loadout somebody took support, god damn it, a tank with support loadout wtf?

If they take caldi use deande or milka. Also there is 3 support so pick a different one. If all of them are taken which is impossible because that is 6 characters use a tank with you caldi load out

Man, I have created very specific loadouts and don’t even start on this bs. How hard do you think is it to add more loadouts? Maybe you’re ok with that, me - not. It is just a personal matter. I want my loadouts to be more flexible so that I can create one for every char I own, is that so hard? At least allow me to buy slots! (Btw I don’t have Deande and Melka yet).

I doubt there would be a case where you wouldn’t decide on a few characters you want to play before the game. At the moment I have 4 I play regularly and if I wanna play a different character I’d just use a basic one depending on their type.

And is it so hard to change a load out before clicking search game if the character you want to play doesn’t have a loadout yet?

Make load outs based on class. That shows true flexibility by being able to pick a load out that benefits all assassins for example. Also if you have yet to unlock everyone then maybe your not being flexible and trying out the different characters. having to many load out slots would be overwhelming especially if there is 30 one for every character. Could you even picture that on character select screen? It would be all you can see! It would also require 90 different gear items if you don’t use duplicates which would be the only reason you need so many. If you are using duplicates with only a one item difference then it doesn’t really matter

Not necessarily. You’d only be able to see 3 or 4 at a time and a scroll bar. Another problem with only 9 loadouts is character specific legendary gear.
Now if we could have an option to create a short term loadout after selecting a character that could fix this problem. Usually the timer runs its full course anyway because someone isn’t readied up.

Also we need to get rid of that level limit on purchasing new loadout slots.

I did not think of a scroll bar that would make it more reasonable

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“I did not think of a scroll bar that would make it more reasonable”

It is already there…

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Have we heard anything on this being addressed? At least give us the option to build a temporary loadout on the character select screen (don’t change the timer though) for when our pre-built loadouts aren’t going to cut it.

Haven’t seen it being discussed publicly anywhere, although I’m sure the devs are aware of the sentiment. If you didn’t do so already, there’s a poll you can participate in here (the more voters, the better the feedback to GBX!):

I agree with this as much as I’d like to have more loadout slots. What I do is I have 4 “general” slots Heals, Tank, Ranged DPS and Melee DPS. I also have a couple loadouts for character specific builds based on who I am working on at the time.