Limited Edition Mad Moxxi Statues Open for Order!

(Jeffybug) #1

Limited Edition Moxxi collectible statues are now available to order from the Official Gearbox Store!

These poly resin statues stand approximately 14" tall and are hand painted with accurate details of Mad Moxxi’s Borderlands 2 outfit! Only 1,000 units will be created in total, and each unit will be individually numbered. The current expected ship date is October 2015.

(Half-n-Half) #2

:heart_eyes: Ohhhh I hope these don’t sell out before I can order one! She’s absolutely gorgeous! I’ve been waiting for a Moxxi statue to be released and holy crap you guys did not disappoint.

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(Jeffybug) #3

There are 1,000! We’re expecting them to go pretty quickly, but not immediately sell out. There should hopefully be enough time to act! We hope so at least :slight_smile:


Are you going to do other NPC’s? A certain doctor more specifically? Im going to get all of the statues you guys make regardless.

(Berserker) #5

Very impressive sculpt.

(Jeffybug) #6

It all comes down to how successful these things are, and how much time we have to work on them. As you can imagine, a LOT of folks are involved with collectibles of this caliber. For instance with this Moxxi statue – there’s the Gearbox business development and merch teams, our partners at ThinkGeek and Rvckvs, the actual manufacturers, and the Gearbox art team.

The painstaking part is getting the mold and paint job right. There’s a ton of back and forth between all parties. Brian Cozzens (artist here at Gearbox) actually spent a lot of time making sure that we were able to get all of the colors and ink lines as accurate as possible!

TL;DR - We’d love to! We think this stuff is super rad and want to support/make as much as we can as long as the demand is there. But it’s also a very resource-heavy project!

(Watcher on the wall) #7

This reminds me of that wicked Zero statue that was shown off a while ago…


They will be successful. Even if i have to buy them all and gift them to my all friends. I mean, who wouldn’t want one of these anyways?

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(Jeffybug) #9

This is in the same series! We had to make some changes to the process (that were also implemented into the Moxxi statue process) that pushed the release back a bit. Zer0 Statue is currently slated for a September 2015 launch as well.

The Zer0 statues will be limited to 1,000 pieces as well, and any unclaimed/cancelled orders will be put back onto the store for order a few weeks before launch!

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(The Villain) #10

Kind of want/must have.

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(Watcher on the wall) #11

I was hoping you’d say this :smile_cat:

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(I'm back! Somewhat!) #12

I’d kill for an Axton one!

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(Kwisatz Haderach) #13

If I could afford one, I would definitely make the purchase. Unfortunately, I cannot right now. While I certainly understand this practice is not exclusive to GBX (other companies do it too), I really hate when companies make limited / very limited quantities. Especially when the limit is 5,000 or less. Is GBX at least limiting the Moxxi statue to one per customer / shipping address? If not, you will undoubtedly see price gouging on Ebay.

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(Lillistine Enitsillil) #14

Awesome! :grin:

(MentalMars) #15

Nice, but i find it a bit remarkable that you chose for a BL1 setting and a BL2 moxxi outfit.

(Maxx Ammo) #16

I like it but the statue seems to resemble a young attractive cosplayer & not the Moxxi from the games I know and lust er… love!

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #17

I hate to be a harsh critic, but a makeup-less version would’ve been better. She looks a bit like a clown. Also, will there be one for Tiny Tina?

(Kwisatz Haderach) #18

This is a fairly accurate depiction of how Moxxi looks in-game. A makeup-less version would go against the spirit of the character.

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(Watcher on the wall) #19

Have you ever gave her a close look in-game? She is caked with make up. I think this statue looks exactly like her.

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I am very satisfied with everything you’ve made for that statue. It reminds Moxxi’s always been a director of blood circuses, but her appearance still suits better to the Borderlands’ current world. “3-2-1…!

Hmm… Has the increasing of the amount of limited Deluxe Collection Editions caused this new lower price? Or have you removed something (, like, electric details) from the previ0us statue of the Deluxe Collection?

I’m delighted now when Moxxi’s got her part in nearly every product line. She’s not the (only) face of Borderlands, so it’s somebody else’s turn now, isn’t it?