Limited Edition Mad Moxxi Statues Open for Order!

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There are various factors that go into the decrease in cost – different manufacturers, process changes, larger order sizes (same or different models), etc. Quality is one area where we did not want to make any sacrifices though!


Nice to hear, thank you.

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I have, but she takes her makeup off when she’s tinkering with machines. I think a makeup-less portrayal would’ve been a nice blend of her true self, and the hooker/entrepreneur persona that she puts on.

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What he said.


If the Handsome Collection was your first touch to Borderlands world and you haven’t seen the first game (from 2009), this is understandable. Miss Moxxi has looked like above most of the time.
You also have to understand that many of the Borderlands’ characters are, in an intentional and funny way, exaggerated. It’s sad that some people still concentrate to drool after her (Moxxi) and forget the game itself.

(snufflelufuguss) #27

I would LOVE one of these. but $225? I’m in the wrong profession. guess i’ll have to just watch them skyrocket on ebay…but seriously the statue looks amazing! great work


December 28th? Just nine months late! :smile: Why I ever happened to find the GBX shop…

(Earlgould5) #31

I wanted the GameStop Mad Moxxi but just find out they were all recalled. Will they be available to buy through another vendor now or on this website?

(Kwisatz Haderach) #32

The GameStop Mad Moxxi statue was being made by Chronicle Collectibles and was supposed to be sold exclusively thru GameStop for $120 USD beginning on Black Friday (11/27). If it has been recalled, there could be a quality issue. It could potentially be released at some point in the future.

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I…This is going to sound super weird but…Moxxis boobs are way too big on that statue…It kind of makes it look…Bad…Really bad.

I much prefer the one being advertised by Gearbox in the OP. Hands down. That one is perfect.

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I agree, the pose as well.

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(Kwisatz Haderach) #36

While I generally agree that the Chronicle Collectibles’ Statue was a bit “over the top” even for Moxxi , I still like people having a few options. I just hope that the GameStop version was actually recalled by the manufacturer due to quality issues. If that is the case, then it may be offered at some point in the future for those looking for a lower cost alternative to the one in the OP.

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boobs look accurate to me, though that must be one hell of a bra.

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Hey there ,I was told the other day the red outfit one’s were recalled,but the purple one’s of her are still up on the site for pre-order :slight_smile:

(Ridley Saria) #39

After preordering months ago I finally got my Moxxi statue on Monday. Oh happy day! Oh wait… it’s broken.

Funny thing, I haven’t been able to talk to a single person with the Gearbox Store’s support. I’ve submitted a ticket but still haven’t heard from them. God awful customer support after spending $250 on this thing.

Buyer beware.

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(Jeffybug) #40

Hey @RidleySaria – the official Gearbox Store is actually run by ThinkGeek / Treehouse Brand Stores. Have you dropped them in a request yet?

If so, please let me know your support ticket number and I’ll send it over to our partners at the store. Thanks!

(Ridley Saria) #41

Thanks @Jeffybug My ticket number is 38576.

It’s been five days since I created that support ticket and I haven’t heard anything from them. It’s super frustrating. I feel like I’m being ignored.

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #42

That’s really weird. The one time I had a problem with something from ThinkGeek, it was resolved the same day. Admittedly, that was dealing directly with ThinkGeek via email, but still…


Mine was broken too, but the support was really fast.
They handled the case within 2 days (4 mails). It was the second time i contacted the support and i was never dissapointed.

(Ridley Saria) #44

It’s been over a week since I left a voice mail and six days since I created a support ticket on their website. I still haven’t heard anything. I don’t understand why others are getting help and I’m not.