Limited Edition Mad Moxxi Statues Open for Order!

(Where's lucky?) #45

Did you check your spam folder, sometimes spam folders eat important emails. I know this has happened to me a few times

(Ridley Saria) #46

Yes. And on their website I’ve checked the status of my support request and it says that it is still awaiting assignment to a support agent.

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(Where's lucky?) #47

Ok, just checking, I know I face palmed pretty hard when I did that in the past.

(Onryu) #48

I just wanted to share that I also received a damaged Moxxi and just submitted a request with support. We will see how it goes from here.

(Ridley Saria) #49

Well when they don’t get back to you don’t bother trying to contact Thinkgeek support either. They said they couldn’t help. Treehouse / Thinkgeek solutions is the worst… I’m pretty sure it’s run by Marcus.

(Ridley Saria) #50

Update: finally some good news! I looked up Think Geek Solutions on Facebook and was able to send a PM to them through that. It took a few hours but they passed my email on to the customer support people and I FINALLY heard back. They asked for photos of the damaged figure, which I provided. Hopefully they will be sending me a replacement.

It’s ridiculous that I had to jump through so many hoops but at least someone eventually came through for me.

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(Ridley Saria) #51

Somebody up there doesn’t like me. Today I received my replacement Moxxi statue and it was broken as well! God damn it.

(Watcher on the wall) #52

My bet is on it being shipment trauma that is breaking them.

How are they packed when you get them? Does it seem sufficient enough to tolerate all the man-handling of delivery companies? I would bring that up to customer support when you contact them again.

(Ridley Saria) #53

In both cases it’s the Claptrap part of the statue that is broken. The box must not be designed to adequately protect it. The first time the wheel was broken off… this time the arm is broken off. I actually think I can glue this one and it would look fine. The last one was too damaged for that. Thing is, I shouldn’t settle for a glued statue when these things cost as much as they do. However I don’t think they’re going to keep sending me replacements. This whole situation is unbelievable.


In my opinion the problem is the inside of the box. The parts are not tightened enough in the styrofoam. There is to much space for movement for the single parts.
That is why a took the refund. I think a replacement would be broken again on its way to Europe.

(Ridley Saria) #55

I’ll have to wait and see what the customer support says (who knows how long it will take for them to write back this time!) but I think this time I’m going to consider a refund. It’s just not worth the frustration anymore.

(Onryu) #56

I am actually considering a refund at this point. I just received an e-mail from Gearbox apologizing for cancelling production of the Zer0 statue. My whole intention was to collect all the statues produced and have them in some sort of diorama, but seeing how things are being handled at this point, I kind of want to wipe my hands clean of this now.

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(Not actually Jesus Christ) #57

Sorry to hear that, in my experience Gearbox was never like this! :wink:

(So long, and thanks for all the fish!) #58

It’s looking like a problem with the people GBX partnered with on this series. Still not good though.

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(Ridley Saria) #59

Finally some light at the end of the tunnel. I got my replacement Claptrap today and I’m happy to report that it is not broken. This time they sent me just the part that was broken both times (the Claptrap) and it was packaged much more carefully.

(Marmot) #61

A friend of mine got his few weeks ago.
It was slightly broken too, though he managed to fix it himself.

On the other side, the statue looks damn good.
Now I’d like to see a Gaige one :smiley:

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