Limited Lore Unlocks

Simply put, the game seems limited on individual character lore. While I know there’s some overlap (i.e. Kelvin to Miko), getting all of the lore for a character doesn’t fill in the gaps enough (?).

That leads me to ask, will there be future dlc lore challenges or something? I really like the game, and I know this isn’t even a problem.Thank you for anyone’s time in reading.

I sure hope so. The campaign really took me by surprise but I had to replay it solo to understand the story. I like the tid bits of Raths lore once I unlocked everything , now it’s leading me to unlock Caldarius lore as there is an important piece that connects them.

I’m hoping the dlc won’t solely concentrate on the free new Battleborn but I’m getting the feeling that will be the route Gearbox will take.

I think the way the lore is handled in the game is bad. Thats just my oppinion.

As it its now, the lore in the game feels disconnected and it is hard to care about the characters other than just enjoying their quirks and designs.

I don’t know how they could fix this, BB is in a large part just a MOBA/Shooter, and the lore in most MOBA Games is just there as little flavor on the side to the character.
I would love to see more Background Stories of each BB and Character Interactions that show the relationship between characters. But that would cost a lot of money to create.

I enjoy the setting of the game, the end of the universe is really interesting and there is potential for really dramatic Storytelling and World building.


Why would the dlc focus on the new characters?

It won’t be out for months.

Guess it depends on what we think about with DLC. The new character Alani could be considered downloadable content. From that, I can understand the concern that future dlc may also follow suit and focus on just new character releases.

Although, I understand as well that things may adjust with demand, and if Gearbox decides it a direction they want to take. I really would like something though. I mean even some cutscenes separately (albeit short since that probably takes a lot of time). What other ways additional lore could be done I’m not sure though. I just think this game could be an amalgam of story on one part, and MOBA on another. Although, I’ll buy a sequel if it means fleshed out characters and story though.

Alani and the other characters, as well as the maps and modes would all be better categorized as additional content.

It’s all stuffed planned to be in the game that didn’t make it in for launch.

It’s included in the purchase.

The paid campaign missions more fit the implication people use with the term dlc, as it typically describes content paid for after the fact.

So why would the dlc focus on the additional content characters when the dlc is still being kneaded(not even in the oven yet)?

Besides we know the dlc focuses on the fight against the varelsi as its simply a continuation of the existing campaign.

It might be interesting if they did connect one of the later characters, namely the one that might be lenore, because that would be nice. You know, having a narrative.

But I feel there is honestly no reason at all to think one has any influence on the other. The timeframe just isn’t correct

I do not know. The lore seems fine to me. The one piece of lore from Attikus explains the time line of the Jennerit. This list a time line of when Rendain was born and when both the orders of Rath and Ambra was established. It also explains what happen before the Heliophage mission came to be. It seems to me that unlocking everbodys lore gives you some insight on them, character interactions, and info of stuff happening between the missions.

Just because its there does not mean it is conveyed in a good way, but as I said its just my oppinion on the lore.

Destiny has a nice lore behind it, but you wouldn’t know it especially in vanilla destiny because the game doesn’t tell you jack sh*t.

I never said the lore in BB is bad just that it isn’t conveyed in an engaging way and everything feels disconnected to me when I have to scramble all bits and pieces together from lore challenges.
Call me lazy but thats how i feel.

I thought the little cartoon/comic cinematics before the BB launch on Youtube had some potential to remedy this to some extent. The OW charakter cinemtaics aren’t the best way either but then again OW the game doesn’t give a sh*t about a story since it is just a MP Twitch Shooter.

What time frame? There are 5 planned story dlc (paid content , expansions what ever you want to call them technically) and also 5 planned characters to release for free. Like you are speculating, I’m doing the same by just putting together what is in front of me. The story dlc will release monthly and if I’m not mistaken the characters will be released 1 a month as well. It wouldn’t make any sense lore wise to just have these characters introduced but no back story which would be the planned campaign dlc(even if there is lore unlocks).

Alani is coming well before the first campaign mission.

And again we know the plot already.