Limited Non-Disclosure?

I need something cleared up. Can we discuss what we see with other people in this game or not? It wasn’t clear in the FAQ. I only saw words regarding images, streaming, and video.


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From what is visible in the language of the NDA, it would appear that we aren’t allowed to publish data about the game online. That would mean nothing in open forums, nothing in a blog, nothing on your youtube or twitch channel, twitter, etc.

General conversation (nothing that’s recorded for a media reason) seems like it would be fine. Though you have to make sure that your comments aren’t going to be used for a public reason. In general, a good rule of thumb is this: if you think it may have the potential to violate the NDA, it probably will violate the NDA so don’t do it.

That being said, I don’t think Gearbox is going to be hunting down people for having a Sunday dinner conversation about playing their new game with your family or friends. For the most part GBX is pretty laid back as a company and they would really only go after someone if they went and did something completely derpy like posting a giant hour long videos of the CTT with screen shots and commentary.

Though when in doubt, just don’t do it. I’m sure eventually during the Alpha/Beta tests we’ll be able to talk about the game more openly in public.


No you really can’t talk about it ever. that’s the purpose of an NDA. Except for here, in the feedback section specifically made for it. Idk if this subforum is hidden yet or not.

I’m kind of waiting for an official response. Everyone here is just kind of guessing. “No you really can’t talk about it ever” isn’t really helpful unless you have a source.

I do have a source. Myself and the many, many NDA’s I’ve signed over the years.


Hi everyone!

To answer your question, you’re free to discuss Project 1v1 wherever you see fit as long as you don’t post screenshots, video, or streams.

We’d like to encourage you to keep your feedback primarily to these forums so that the developers have easy access to it, but you aren’t restricted to this platform if you’d like to talk about it elsewhere.


Thank you for your prompt response. Have a nice afternoon!

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Speaking of NDA’s. I do not recall signing up for this beta (my PC is a Potato, Battleborn testing had its moments), yet I can see new posts from this forum. I do not see this forum on the main page though, just new posts in it.

Since we’re not restricting discussion about the game, we’re not locking the forums to only those who are accepted into the test. Just suppressing the category from the main page to limit extraneous conversation as much as possible.

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Just to clarify, Gearbox does have a goon squad who will not only beat you up for even thinking about discussing the game with your family, but they will do it while you are eating your meal. I hope that potato salad was worth it Mr. Loose Lips.


I’d crack my knuckles menacingly…but I don’t know how. :wink:


Is someone making popcorn? :popcorn:


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And this right here is why I love Gearbox’s Staff. XD
I’ve actually gone on a tour of the main offices down there; you know the number one thing I noticed while I was there?
The freaking staff members were all smiling, and it didn’t come across as fake; the employees there all seemed to really love the fact that they were there. Made me want to get into the industry and apply there to be a writer or something. XD

Stayed with a friend that lives in The Colony, that whole area out there is amazing!


Side question: Is it always trees?

Can my boys play this game to get their input on it on my computer? I have a decent PC rig and over 40 years old. Been playing games since I was 15 on my C64 back in the day. No pictures, videos or any other social media would be used. Just wondering if my 17 and 19 year old can give some input to me so I can relay it back to you guys.

Hey not sure who to direct this to, but despite me not being in the closed alpha or whatever you’re calling this after signing up anyway, I managed to find someone who posted some gameplay on YouTube and it’s gaining heat fast. Again I wasn’t sure how to report this or who to report it to, so I’m bringing it here.

This is the video: The person left their steam name in the video - trolling_ninja303

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Someone didn’t bother to read their non-disclosure stuff. RIP