Limited Non-Disclosure?

(GeneFirewind) #21

Someone didn’t bother to read their non-disclosure stuff. RIP

(mduesbery) #22

Hi so let me ask you this. My friend wants to make a video for his YouTube about project 1v1. If he made a video containing no actual screenshots or video or streams from the game, but purely his commentary and opinion about the game so far, would that be violating the TOS?

(Trust me, I'm an Engineer) #23

For this tech test, a vlog style like you described [with no visual or audio content from the game] sounds legit (but, you know, hold out in case I’m wrong)

… If someone at Gearbox really loves your friend, you may be able to get permission to use a very controlled set of teaser content, but that’s probably a bit of a long shot (something something games sometimes drastically change their visual styles between this stage and release)

(mduesbery) #24

Well I mean someone already did it so if it’s not okay, they’re in trouble too lol

(Trust me, I'm an Engineer) #25

2 Wrongs don’t make it right, duesbery. Double check the NDA, but chances are you’re ok.

(mduesbery) #26

I wasn’t saying that this guy making the video makes it okay for my friend to. I was just saying that if isn’t okay. This guy is in trouble. My friend sent me this justifying his reason for being able to post this and I told him that he should still wait for a reply from my question to the devs first. So we have the same opinion here

(Not a Lizard Person ) #27

Hi! I think your friend’s video and the one below are in a bit of a gray area. I want to double check with the developers before I make any concrete statements, but my first instinct is that reaction videos should be okay as long as they don’t include video or images of the game.

But let me get back to you on this!

(mduesbery) #28


(Not a Lizard Person ) #29

General consensus is that reaction videos should be fine as long as they follow the no-videos-or-images guidelines! :slight_smile:

(mduesbery) #30

Thanks again

(andrewshermansph) #31

This is the video that I saw and wanted to make sure it was within the NDA to make a video like he did. I want to make a video about it, but I want to follow the rules and respect the kind folks at Geerbox. Even if it’s legal for me to say whatever I want about the game but the Devs would rather I only say XXXXXXX - I understand completely! Maybe i’ll send an email.

(mduesbery) #32

I ended up getting a reply and we can post videos with commentary on the game. But the videos can’t contain and actual footage or screenshots of the game

(jessetattoo) #33

I just did a First Impressions video based on what we ARE aloud to say and show.

(jessetattoo) #34

now, back to the fray…

(Tbone_93) #35 found this guy breaking the rules 2nd one

(Wingof Tech) #36

Ok so I came to the forums partially looking for a similar answer, if I were to share a screen sharing session through Discord and made sure they didn’t take pictures of it (close friends), would I be in the clear or should I hold off on it. It will not be public, nor will I be recording anything.

(AndrewLeBubble) #37

I imagine that would be a know as technically screen sharing is streaming but I would wait for a mod to confirm.

(Wingof Tech) #38

Yeah that’s what I was wondering. We’ll see.

(AndrewLeBubble) #39

Even if it is the case once we hit open alpha or beta I am sure they will expand the rules to allow it. It will only be while its closed testing that we face these restrictions.

(˙pǝsɹǝʌǝɹ uǝǝq sɐɥ ʎʇıʌɐɹƃ ʃɐuosɹǝd ʎW) #40

Any sort of image or video breaks the NDA. You can do a write up about it, but no pics, vids or streaming.