Limited Non-Disclosure?

(Wingof Tech) #41

If my friends signed the NDA would I be in the clear or is it an agreement that is purely made between me and Gearbox.

(Trust me, I'm an Engineer) #42

Your NDA covers you. It doesn’t matter who else signed the NDA (except in the case like the Battleborn CTT where there was provision for posting on the closed forums). So no, your NDA does not let you share content with friends that signed it as well. Per your NDS you shouldn’t be capturing it in the first place.

(Kagesong) #43

9 woods in the cauldron go, burn them fast and burn them slow?

(Wingof Tech) #44


(Gonzobot) #45

Pass your friend the signup link, easy solution.

(Wingof Tech) #46

I did but the thing is they are resisting. But yeah, I’ll keep trying, thanks. xD

(Benedict's Glorious Wingspan) #47

Ahahahahaha… there’s so much “I’m tellin’” goin’ on in this part of the forum.

(Na0s) #48

Is there a place to re-visit/re-read the NDA in full?

(mduesbery) #49

Found another person that posted gameplay of the game