Limited time? Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary

Haven’t been able to find a clear answer yet. is the DLC (Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary) Free to play until July 8th and then if I want to keep it I have to pay, or is it free as long as I DL it by July 8th? or is it a limited time event that goes away forever after July 8th?


I believe this is the case. At the very least “buy” it from your store so it’s in your library, then you can download when you’re ready.


So what will happen at july 8th, will the increased level cap disappear and all new guns become unusable? Or do we get to keep everything, except campaign alone is no longer available?

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You’ll probably just keep it. The DLC will just get a pricetag for those who didn’t grab it during the free period.
If they took the content away, either from the store, or from the game itself they would be raising a shitstorm.


No, everything will stay as it is. The changes to level caps was an update, which also appears to have rolled in the last of the hotfixes. The only difference will be anyone who didn’t get the DLC while it was free will now have to pay for it. If you already had it downloaded, you’re golden.