Limited time SHIFT (Key) codes

Saturday morning rant.

I’m sorry I have a life…
I’m not always by my computer/console or on my phone. I love the game and all but I’m not living for the game.
Give me (us) at least 48-72 hours to redeem them.
Bare minimum a day… People live around the world. (24 time zones). Work on different shift, go to school. Sometimes both. Have to work overtime requested at the last minute. Pick up kids at kindergarten. Get stuck in traffic. Do groceries.

I mean. As great as the game is. The world does not “orbit” around Borderlands 3. Cut us some slack please.


Seems dumb to me. A huge amount of the Shift Codes for BL2 can still be redeemed, for people that come in late and want to try it out. And these timers are not even generous.

All they are managing to do with making shift codes expire is push people to be more willing to exploit how easy it is to get as many golden keys as you’d like, and shafting the people that don’t want to cheat. It’s even worse to me that they’ve managed to make a global hit, but they turn around and decide, “90 minutes for a global key is perfectly acceptable, right?” Womp womp.


ya I agree, its happened a few times for me, really stupid.


You are so on point,I worked all day yesterday got back home at 9pm bed by 11 pm ,Randy drops a code at midnight and when I woke this morning the code is allready expired,Damn.It might be okay if in the vip I could buy keys like all the other Borderlands games but we cant.And why only 1 key?. I love Borderlands but you are right…This is very frustrating.I really hope they can change this up a bit? least give us 24 Hrs.Ive spent a ton of money threw the years on all things Borderlands…Please someone at gearbox hear your die hard fans and make this system great again.Respect.

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Don’t feel bad folks… I work graveyard - tried the code 3 times throughout the night.

It never worked to begin with =S

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I 100% agree with this thread.

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Any good drops? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Well I have a lvl 13 version and a lvl 23 version of Lyuda… So leveling alts is painless.

Honestly having barely made it back to Pandora on my first playthrough, it’s quite odd the number of legendaries I’ve gotten. They’ve been cool to goof off with but only kept about 9 so far.

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It’s really early in the game cycle so they don’t want to spoil it with free load-out.
It is a shlooter after all. :wink:
I wouldn’t mind far appart single key codes if I had time to redeem them. Instead of frequent codes I’ll (almost) never have a chance at.

Another day. Another code passed by…
Not the end of the world. Just really annoying and a tad frustrating.

I don’t mind subscribing to accounts. I love the game and the team but. No I don’t want to be woke up by notifications for stupid keys. Don’t ask your customers to log on in the middle of their night.
It’s a freakin game. Not a second job.

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As someone who has their phone on them always with notifications on various social medias to alert them of codes, even I MISS them. The worst part is that it’s only one measly code to make such a fuss for.

Also, after unlocking MM I never bother to get back to Earl or even bother using the chest even while still having a key. The loot the game drops at MM3 is just a million times better with legendaries included.

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I think I wouldn’t mind much if it was a 20 keys code once a month!
… I said I think. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No it’s agreeable