Lines of Tiny Tina and Athena in TVHM

Hey, good evening.
Does someone knows why these lines isnt anymore in the game on TVHM:
(Enter Vorago Solitude)

(True Vault Hunter Mode)

Tiny Tina: Athena! Let’s talk about cuties. What’s the cutest cutie you ever saw?

Athena: There was a redhead on Promethea. He couldn’t have been more than twelve. We bombed his village to make space for an armory.

Tiny Tina: Youuuu are really bad at conversation.

AND this one:
Jack: Hey, is somethin’ following you? Getting some weird readings that, uh… Ah, forget it, it’s probably nothin’. Let’s keep moving!

Tiny Tina: So the weird Guardian guy helped Lilith get through the Eridian defenses?

Brick: Yeah. Musta wanted her to destroy the thing in the Vault before Jack could use it.

Tiny Tina: Or, ORRR, he wanted to get her inside another Vault so she’d be filled with Vault mojo. Vault juice!

Brick: Ew.


Any information are welcome.

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The background dialogue can be cancelled by other dialogue triggered by the player. That may be what’s happening. For example, if you run and grab the first echo in Vorago Solitude too quickly, you cancel the dialogue.

The other thing I’ve noted is that you don’t hear the narration dialogue when you revisit a map within the same play-through, or if you triggered it while in co-op and are now playing solo.

This was a problem in BL2, but it seems to have gotten even worse TPS. There are some lines that I do know happened, but doesn’t seem to repeat on future playthroughs anymore.

I just went to vorago solitude and didn’t get any interactions like I normally do on normal mode, this is strange indeed and I didn’t have any other missions going.

Noticed that multiple times, I do not know why, but that particular map seems to be very hit and miss for the audio.